Great day fishing

I fished the Rim shoals area of the White River last friday and have rarely had a more productive day fishing. I was using a white 1/4 ounce panther martin and was getting a fish on almost every cast. If a fish came loose before I landed it another would hit. I was fishing a catch and release area so I did’t keep any fish but I must have caught between 50 and 100 fish four of which wieghed in between 3 and 4 lbs. You can use a spinner or lure in this area as long as it has only one treble hook and has the barbs pinched down. I had my fly rod in the kayak with me but never got it out since I was having such good luck with the spinning outfit.

Sounds like a perfect day of fishing. I hope to get to the White River next year. I hope I have as good of luck when I do! Congrats!

I’m jealous. That part of Arkansas is
one of my most favorite places in the USA. Used to go over to Mountain View for the folk festival…not the crapola one at the state park, but the real thing on the court house square. Do you know if they still have it?

MT View folk festival
I’m pretty sure they still host this event each year though I haven’t been there in the last five years. I bet if I do a web search on Mt View I could find out for sure.