Great emergency hatch covers

I had the good fortune to be given a Chillcheater emergency hatch cover recently. They are simply the cat’s meow of emergency covers. The fits is totally ruggedly tight and sealing. They are very UV resistant, have a built in tensioner making them adjust to different hatch sizes, and have a means to tether them to the boat. They have all sizes, round and small.

Just wanted to pass this on and to see what other products people have found to be good.

Brooks Emergency Hatch Covers

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I've got Brooks neoprene emergency hatch covers -both circular for day hatch and oval for my large oval Valley hatches.

The neoprene covers sold as replacements for under hard hatches also work as emergency covers:

I've also got the NDK issued emergency hatch cover - which I bought because it was ridiculous - it is coated very thin nylon with a draw cord.

these are really stout and taut
given they are not hard covers, but compact and stowable, they are the most seaworthy and waterproof emergency covers I have seen including the three you shared about. I think they may even stay on in surf, etc. better than standard covers. Brittishly Beastly I say!

Palm makes neoprene covers, too
I’ve got one each of the small round and large oval for Valley hatches. I’ve never needed to use either one, but I’m glad to have them handy, just in case.

not just for emergency use
reality of where most of us paddle is no hatch implosion…so you buy the chillcheater ‘emergency’ hatch covers so why not use them on a more regular basis? they will save your back several pounds from the car to the water, they will save your $ when it comes to replace the very expensive valley or kajaksport hatches…quickest way to approach a composite boat’s weight too.

stock covers for
the new Outersea (Australian made) sea kayak.

The prevent implosion lightweight composite covers go over the Reed ones.

The Reed “emergency” covers actually seal way better than the neoprene ones which inevitably start to leak after a while.

Do the Reed covers seal well enough

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for the occasional cooling off roll?

And...are they adjustable enough to transfer from say a composite tempest to a plastic tempest?


Reed hatch covers are very waterproof
recently tested by an instructor paddling across the Bass Straight they have been proven to be leakproof in heavy seas and numerous rollings.

I believe they woud be transferrable from one type of coaming to the other (they are stretchy).

The test was done on a coaming that had a very strong “lip”. Not sure how would they go on a low profile hatch coaming.

The bungee in the perimeter of the Reed cover can be adjusted to increase the tension and therefore create a very good seal.