Great Falls Race 2020 Video Highlights

The annual Great Falls Race whitewater kayaking race was held at Great Falls National Park last Sunday, Aug 16, 2020. I got several of the runs on video and am posting individual runs as I finish editing them. And making a playlist of all the race highlights on my youtube channel Drew Lehmann. Enjoy! And feel free to share.

Here’s a full run from #33 Driscoll Larrow:

got partway through, but as I love the sound of whitewater, partway was it. Nice vid, but tired of audio over rides.

always impressed with your videos. Hope you shared it with #33. Now, if I could just get my pyranha 12r (brand of kayak) to look so good!

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fair enough, I understand, always hard to tell how the audio levels are coming out. I made a playlist of all the race highlights. And dropped the music level down a lot on some. Did some with no music. Enjoy!

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