Great Lakes Books???

Can anyone recommend some good books about the Great Lakes. I am interested in learning more about them…how they were formed, their wildlife, surrounding natural environment, etc.



Pierre Berton
Pierre is one of my favourite authors.

He wrote many books but one is simply called “The Great Lakes” .I borrowed it from the library and enjoyed it very much…lots of history,details,rare photos and colourful stories and descriptions of places and people.

He describes each lake in vividly giving them a definite personality,all different from the others.



A couple of interesting ones
The Late, Great Lakes: An Environmental History By William Ashworth

The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas By Jerry Dennis

I have copies of both you could borrow. Email me.

You may also want try the GLSKA website.


Great Lakes info.
John and Ann Mahan’s website has a lot of good information, pictures, and links. From the links you can find a lot of material for reading:

Are you looking for
places to paddle on the Great Lakes also?

May be of interest…

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"The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book" (online book)

Lots of stuff to investigate there!

You could also
google the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, they have a wonderful bookstore there. There’s a phone number on their site you could call and ask for the bookstore. Tell them what you’re looking for exactly. I bought a book there a few years ago when I was there. It was all about the geology of the lakes, but I can’t find the darn thing to tell you what the title is!

Two more
Superior - Under The Shadows of the Gods

About the Canadian shore of Lake Superior, geology, history from when the lake was formed to recent, etc. Great read but hard to find, bought mine at Amazon.

White Hurricane by David G. Brown, about the 1913 storm that nailed the Great Lakes.

Pierre Berton’s book Great Lakes is a good one to get.

The Voyageur’s Highway
Just finished reading this interesting, historical tale of the modern day Boundary Waters canoe trail. This was the fur trader’s canoe route between Lake Superior and Rainy Lake.

I had heard of the Boundary Waters area but knew nothing of its history. It really makes one want to get up there and paddle those rivers and lakes.