Great Lakes Kayak Company??

Has anyone ever heard of the Great Lakes Kayak Company? I saw a boat the other day and it looked like GLKC was the manufacturer. I was just curious about the boat, I couldn’t find anything on Google, so is the company out of business? Thanks for your help!


found this
Great Lakes Kayak Llc

950 Albrecht Dr, Lake Bluff, IL, United States

Good luck!

Looking for manufacturer
I think that is a rental outfit and not a manufacturer. I appreciate your help and will call there to be sure, but I’m looking for the manufacturer “Great Lakes Kayak Company.” Thanks!

The Great Lakes Kayak in Lake Bluff
Illinois is an Eddyline distributor. That is the only line they carry.

Great Lakes Kayak Lake Bluff, IL
The reports of our demise are over stated. We not only have not gone out of business. Which one of our disappointed competitor started that rumor? But we have several new kayaks, new gear, and we are pumped to start the paddling season. please come visit to see for your self.

847 582-1071