great lakes kayaking

After a recent trip to upper michigan me and my wife have fell in lovwith the great lakes.I am making a list of books to purchase from amazon on the area and just surfing terraserver and the web I have found potassaning bay and the georgian bay islands along with smaller groups all alon lake michigan and superior.does anyone know anything about these places or know of any others?we like isolated islands,sandy beaches,rocky headlands and twisted trees.

what is the protocol for kayaking in georgian bay when your from the states?

any info will be much appreciated


Lake S
The nicest area on Lake Superior is from Nipigon

bay to Rossport. There is a rental shop in

Rossport, and they can drop you anywhere along

the way. The coast at Pukasaw is popular,

as well as the Slate islands.

It’s no Lake Foul though ;^)

thanks for the info.that seems to be north shore canada from my atlas.I"ll websurf it now.


pukaskwa is the bomb!If I lived in the yoop which is also the bomb! and I kayaked from drummond island into georgian bay would this be illegal?what are the regulations on cross border kayaking?do i need to register with customs prior to every trip or are the great lakes like a free zone as long as i dont land on the mainland?