Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium

Does anyone know if there is a date set for this year’s Sea Kayaking Symposium in Grand Marais, MI or if any details have been published?



google the symposium
and you should get larry merx email.

It is in July every year I think during the second week, right after Independence day weekend.

You should also consider the WMCKA Symposium,

Justine Curgenven will be guest speaker and instructor. Great food, live band, and great instruction!

some others in the area
are the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium and the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. Derrick has a calendar on his website with links to some upcoming events in our area.

Time & Place?
I’m not sure that the K.S. is going to be in Grand Marais this year. Chamber of Commerce received a letter from the K.S. organizers stating that they may move the venue.

I live in Grand Marais, and sure hope that the symposium isn’t moved else where.

This is great place to kayak, and having the event here helps show other locals that business can be brought in to town with out having to sell out to the motor head crowd.


What is their reason
for wanting to move? I love Grand Marais and thought it was a great place for the symposium.

. . .and don’t forget Door County &
The Inland Sea Symposium is June 16 - 19th

The Door County Symposium this year is July 8-10th

I have all the symposium sites linked as mentioned above. But the Great Lakes site seems to be dead.

Personally I plan on attending Michigan, Inland Sea, and Door County this year. Looks like a lot of fun!

Contact name is

Larry Merx


it’s down
Yeah, that was the one I had, but it’s been down for some time. Made me wonder if they were still active.

hey thanks kwikle
the WMCKAS looks good, memorial day almost in sight…

no sweat
the brochure is up now if you want to sign up and pay by check!

Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium
Dates: July 14 - 17

Location: Grand Marais

Contact: Larry Merx at

Why is down? Because it was specific to the 2004 symposium. The site is being updated and new information will be posted once the details have been finalized.

Yes, there was some consideration about moving the event to another venue - they were being courted by another community - but the symposium lives on in Grand Marais.

Another site with a very detailed listing of Michigan and Great Lakes regional events is

Check out the Calendar and Files sections for details.

if i hear or read the name Justin
Curnegeven or whatever, one more time, i’m a’gona puke.

after going to…
The Sweetwater symposium in Florida (which is excellent), the Great Lakes Sea Kaykak symposium in Grand Marias MI, and the WMCKA symposium in mid-Michigan I must say that the WMCKA symposium is by far my favorite. They (well, we I guess since I joined last year :slight_smile: put on a fantastic program with a low cost.

It’s advertised as a symposium for beginner to intermediate kayakers, but really it covers everything that the others do. We even had strong winds and waves last year (and a thunder storm)which created ‘advanced’ conditions.

Camping is on-site and inexpensive, the food is excellent and in a nice lodge. And, the instructors are excellent. We have really seen a big increase (I think) in the number of ACA certified instructors in our area-and they all tend to be at the symposium.

Two years ago Nigel Foster was the key note speaker/instructor. I was in a rescue class with him and one other student. Nice!

Last year, Mark Molina was the big gun. Mark has competed in the National Greenland Kayak Championship and really did a nice job presenting things Greenland. I really appreciate learning Greenland paddling technique from someone that has paddled and competed in Greenland. My daughter and I still laugh when we think about his low brace demonstration. It was so aggressive that we don’t think we could ever do it. We would just roll instead.

BTW, if you go choose the meal option. The food is really good and it is inexpensive.

although I will always fondly

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remember you and I being the only two nutters out of a complete crowd of about 180 people to cook our own food. Everyone usually opts for the meal plan. We cooked under my tarp on the soccer pitch where everyone camps.

I think this was when you began dehydrating your own food?

But alas now even I eat symposium food.

Thanks for the kind words about our Symposium.


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pictures when you do,