Great Lakes Sup?

Hi There,

I have been a touring kayaker for 12 years and live near Lake Ontario. I am thinking about throwing the SUP into the mix for a little variety and some extra exercise. Any thoughts on the SUP usefulness on the big water? I live near the Niagara River so currents can be strong. Would I just be better off in my Kayak?

Any thoughts or guidance is appreciated.

strong river current
one thing is in moving water you might not want the ankle or calf leash because when it snags on river strainers or other obstacles, it can be very hard to reach down against the current to release yourself.

A woman in Oregon drowned a few weeks ago in just that scenario (only she was additionally hindered by not wearing a pfd).There is a post about that incident w. a link.

NRS came out w. a waist-release leash for river and ww SUP. Also check youtube, Boardworks and another gear company are partnering on a waist leash also.

I’m getting a traditional ankle leash (Dakine. For rivers I’m going to attach it to my kayak ocean towbelt, which has a quick release buckle.

the only other piece of advice is what someone told me: go upwind first :slight_smile: You could go upstream first :slight_smile: