Great Meadows on the Sudbury River (Concord - Sudbury, MA)

Just to show that I have not completely given up on my canoes, I was out on Saturday in my tandem canoe for an up-and-back trip at the Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge on the Sudbury River. It is a beautiful marshland with lots birds and other wildlife, but no shade. It is easy to bake in the hot summer sun, and it was HOT on Saturday. We paddled upstream about 4-miles before turning around. Lot of birds – especially great blue herons. One of the guys put together this video, which really captures the trip.

Sudbury River from John DaSilva

My pictures here:

Surprised that there is still that much water in the Sudbury. Looks green and buccolic. :slight_smile:

Someone should give a helpful hint to the Acadia(?) paddler that he was wielding his paddle upside down.


He was hot and tired. I have to admit that the heat really was uncomfortable, and I forgot to bring my hat. Plenty of water though.

Nice! I haven’t tried posting videos yet. The places I frequently paddle the Great Blue Herons don’t let me get close to them. I must look untrustworthy. :crazy_face:

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They must be used to having people around - none of them got spooked when you paddle by. It is a popular paddling location.

Paddled Hartwell yesterday. Great Blues were around every corner and not too skittish. I’m not as scary as Castoff.
Saw a Bald Eagle also.
Leaving the area a fawn walked in front of my truck. I drive slowly in recreational areas and stopped 10’ from it. His momma was waiting just across the road.


We saw lots of herons (or maybe the same couple of herons were moving down the river ahead of us - hard to tell), couple of osprey, a cormorant (which you usually see down at the ocean and not on inland rivers), and lots and lots of turtles. Beavers are active in the area, but we didn’t see any. Same with deer - lots of them around here, but rarely see them on trips.