Great Miami River - Ohio

We are looking to canoe the Great Miami River in Ohio between Dayton, OH and Cincinnati, OH. Has anyone out here ever done this stretch before. I noticed that there aren’t any liveries along this stretch and wondering if it isn’t feasible for canoeing or not. Any information on this stretch would be greatly appreciated.

Definately paddleable…
Check here for a brief guide:

Also, feel free to e-mail me for more local info on put-ins/take-outs.


We looking to put it in at Hamilton, OH and get out I think at a place called Dravo Park. Do you know if the river has plenty of sandbars for overnight camping?

Doubt “plenty” of sandbars because

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most Ohio rivers run through limestone which dissolves and does not leave copious sand. Maybe the big Miami will collect and throw enough sand... One thing you could do is go to microsoft and check the stretch both on the topos and on the aerial photos. Sand bars should be clearly visible on the photos.

Make certain your shots are up to date…
…the Little Miami is a prettier and cleaner river.

However the water levels are quite low.

One dam(n) after another
I wouldn’t bother with the Great Miami south of Dayton with nice rivers like the Little Miami, Mad, Stillwater, and Whitewater nearby.