Great Navigational Aid / Course Plotter

-- Last Updated: Aug-10-14 8:00 AM EST --

I recently saw an ad in Ocean Paddler magazine for the SKNA (Sea Kayak Navigational Aid) and decided to check it out online. After watching a short video about it on the makers website ( I decided to get it. While the website did not list the US as a shipping option, I emailed the Howard and he sent me a Pay Pal invoice with US shipping included (said he usually does not ship to the US but is happy to).

The cost was $29 with the shipping cost, which is a bit pricey, but I think it was well worth it.

I find this to be a useful tool for planning at home, and is pretty easy to use on the water as well. Check it out. You may find it useful as well. I am glad I bought it.

Only passing this on since it was useful for me and I think it is a good product. Here is Howard's email: h.n.jeffs at


I have that and like it a lot.

Looks similar to Chuck Sutherland’s
Nav-Aid which I have been using for 10+ years.


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