Great Pee Dee River

Does anyone have any information about this river from the US-74 bridge in NC to the SC-34 bridge in SC? I am trying to plan a trip and I have heard that there are some shoal areas between US-74 and the NC/SC state line. I am specifically interested in the amount of water necessary to make this stretch floatable. It appears by looking at the water gages that the river fluctuates daily based on the Blewitt Falls dam discharge, but it seems to be predictable. I believe that the rest of the river is clear. Any and all info regarding this stretch of the river is appreciated.

The GPD is a muddy sucker.
Have you considered the Little Pee Dee? It is a beautiful little river.

We went over it a couple of…
weeks ago on 74 on the way to and from Ocean Isle, and it looked like there were more rocks than water.



good input, thanx. I grew up around
the Lumber River (which combines with Drowning Creek to form the Little Pee Dee) and have spent much time on the upper reaches of the Little Pee Dee. It truly is a beautiful river. Sometimes though, it is fun to float bigger water and not have to deal with the things associated with swamps. The Great Pee Dee is certainly brown water, but it is rich in history and has an almost unlimited number of sandbars and bank accesses for camping. I find the LPD better for day trips; camping along this river is tough because you are either dealing with swamp, heritage preserve, or private land almost the entire route. I know that I can put in at Mcfarland, NC and avoid the shoals downstream of the 74 bridge. I just think it would be fun to run them if I can identify the right water conditions.

Is there info in the SC Paddling Guide?

I looked in the guide last night.
It only lists the access points between the SC line and Winyah Bay. No river descriptions at all.

Local outfitters
I know Betwixt the Rivers does guided tours on the Great Pee Dee. Not sure if Naturally Outdoors does or not. One of them might have some useful info.

Betwixt the Rivers Outfitters

Giles H. Page

234 Schofield Road

Marion, SC 29571

(843) 423-1919


Naturally Outdoors

2195 West Evans Street

Florence, SC 29501

(843) 665-1551


thanx for your input and help. I found
a pretty good site ( with a decent amount of information on the river. I will supply more detail upon my return. I am going to attempt the stretch from US-1 in Cheraw to US-76 outside of Florence. Should be a hoot.