Great service from Yakima

Kudos to Yakima for immediately mailing me replacement keys for the ones I lost. I got them only two days after placing the order, and at a reasonable cost. If you ever need to replace yours, go straight to their website and click on the link for ordering keys.

Big thumbs-up for friendly and prompt service!

For the tower’s? I think my four are all the same. Have couple stashed in different places. Need to check if I remember where. I like their products.


I’ve had occasion to use Yakima’s CS a few times over the years. Always a positive experience. Just bought another new rack this year and went straight for the Yakima. They’ve been haulin’ my boats and bikes for a long time now.

I had terrible experience from Thule…find your receipt, make us a video, or send several pictures…just a bunch of obstacles to getting an RMA number.