Has anyone ever paddled the “Great Swamp” located in the Pawling-Patterson New York area?

Great Swamp paddling
We have paddled there both with sea kayaks and canoe. Right now there should be plenty of water so you can get through most places, but be prepared for blowdowns. The problem now might be following the channel in a few spots, which can be tricky even with normal water level. The channel is really winding.

Lots of wildlife, including birds and beavers.

We have put in off Rt. 22 as well as at the Patterson Environmental Park off Marble Quarry Road, south of Patterson.


I Have As Well
It’s a beautiful tranquil paddle. We usually put in by Green Chimneys School. As noted, there can be a number of downed trees, but that’s half the fun of it; as the channel progressively narrows, clambering up and over, or ‘limboing’ under feels like an adventure. There’s one low bridge where the swallows nest. As we came under there, we were dive bombed repeatedly. Not sure about the water level now, areas where I’d thought there would be water, are suspiciously low.

See Shari Aber’s Book
Great Swamp is on the cover.

Hudson River Valley

The Quieter Waters, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes and Ponds

Black Dome Press

Lots of other good information and research in it to boot.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Thanks to all
for providing the information on the Great Swamp.

We will be plannning a trip there soon and I will check out the book.