Greek Isles kayaking

Anybody have recommendations for Greek Isles (or Crete) kayaking trips in September? Good outfitters? Best places? Other tips?

I’ve done some searching, and this one looks pretty good “on paper”…

Thanks. --David.

give Hadas a jingle. She gave me a promo card at SW two years ago for Greek trips.


Hi, John:

I have pinged Hadas, but have not heard back yet. It looks from the TerraSanta web site that she is no longer there, and is with another Israeli kayak outfitter…

… and has a web site of her own, which you can find by searching her name.

I have contacted Terra Santa, but it looks like their scheduled trips will not meet our needs. There are a number of outfitters directly in Greece, which is why I was asking if anybody had experience or knowledge of them.

Thanks. --David.


Check with Sam and Carl Ladd of Osprey Sea Kayaking in Westport, MA.

They have gone a few times and have a relationship with someone over in Greece.


Osprey & Greece
Yes, thanks. Osprey runs Greek Island trips through Terra Santa of Israel. I’m talking to Terra Santa, but right now, they don’t have anything that fits my schedule.

Looks like nobody hereabouts has experience with the local Greek outfitters. Oh, well.


Make your reservations now
We went to Greece last May and spent a week with Rod on Milos. I can easily say it was one of the best times we have had. Spetacular paddling every day. Great food. Good equipment. The web site is factual in every way. Clear warm water, great scenery, caves, arches, hot springs and Ouzo.

We spent a few days in Athens first seeing some sites. I would do it again. Feel free to contact me back channel for more information. If you go say hey to Rod for me.


Check in with Barbara Cutter at She has several Greek trips on her website. Several of my friends are going in a few weeks on her first scheduled trip.

She is a great instructor and her trips fill fast.

I did this trip with the Milos outfitter
Rod, from SeaKayakGreece. All I can tell is that it was the trip of a life time! Rod was an awesome host/guide. We had paddlers of all levels. We all felt that our skills were put to the challenge and even expanded, yet felt safe at all times (despite some really windy and choppy conditions). Milos is a beautiful island with a lot of surprises. Highly recommend it. Steve F

You might also check on the other sdie of the Aegean in Turkish waters. Bodrum can be very nice

Just an update as it seems Google picking up this thread while searching for paddling recommendations in Greece and hasn’t been updated for a while. provides either proper sea kayak rental (boats from NDK,Valley,P&H etc) or guided expeditions for novices or experienced paddlers.