Green ash for SOF?

for all you wood experts out there… How would ash (still moderately green)work for the entire boat? the only thing I can think of is the possibility of twisting that a friend brought up and also weight overall as it is about 40% heavier than pine? (not too concerned about that though.) The price is right and i am guaranteed straight grained quarter sawn wood.


For Ribs…

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I think I would use green ash, if had some. Straight grain should be easy to bend and you not using a lot of it. For major structural pieces, I prefer red wood for the main structural pieces (expensive) because of rot and bug resistance and also lighter weight. Having said that, you use what you have available to you.

And, of course, you would get way more experienced answers asking at Kayakforum, or Qajaq/USA where SOFs seem to get built by someone every week. That's a wealth of experience that you won't get here as there's only two handful of folks here who have built their SOF(s).


Too heavy and expensive
Ash is awesome for ribs and coamings, so definitely use it for them and any other steam-bending projects you may have in mind. Using it for the rest of the frame would be overkill and would result in a very heavy, stiff boat. I prefer to use white pine for most of the frame, but any similar wood will work fine.

I agree NM

found some
or at least they tel me that they have it. will check tomorrow.

16 ft straight grained clear pine.

We’ll see. I will still use the ash for ribs though. very happy to have found green ash