Green River- Desolation and Grey Canyon

I am contemplating doing a canoe trip on the Green River through Desolation and Grey Canyon over spring break. I am looking for info from anyone that has done it during that time of the year (March/April) in canoes. I am also interested on the level of difficulties of the rapids at lower flows (2000 cfs) and the availability of portage trails on the CL III rapids. Any additional info would also be appreciated.

Thank You

Check out the Deso trip
report on my web site. Although a fall trip, the flow was just above 2000 and my partner was in his canoe. He had no issue doing a short portage to skirt the big hole at Three Fords and at Coal Creek. He ran everything else without issue. He wanted to do the above two rapids but the risk/reward ratio just wasn’t there compared to the portage.