Green River GPS Coordinates??

Does anyone have coordinates from Ruby Ranch to the confluence? …or a reliable resource??? I googled this with very little luck.

Thanks in advance.

You might try
one of the outfitters. They may be able to help. Have you looked at the locations on Google Earth? Not sure how accurate that is, but it might help.


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check at

a quick look this morning showed the Confluence to be: UTM 12 597646E 4227189N (NAD27)

And Ruby Ranch is: UTM 12 578054E 4292631N (NAD27)

This is at the end of the road, NOT at the river, which looks to be 700 meters directly south.

More specific…
Thanks for the info but I should have been more specific. I was really “fishing” for coordinates that specify special interests, good hikes, campsites, etc. Also, I was hoping that the info would come from an idvidual’s experience. It always feels better getting info from an individual, as you can always ask follow up questions.

I have purchased the books that the outfitters in Moab recommend and it will probably suffice but books are known to not cover all the details. I guess I am looking for a “real life” resource.


a friend of mine (incanoe) paddled that reach last year. I will notify him of your interest. He occasionally posts on this board.

You can hike any of the side canyons, but the best hiking is in the section through Canyonlands NP. The exception is river left for the first 20 miles below Mineral Bottom. There’s a Jeep trail that’s used fairly extensively. Can’t camp anywhere along it and the traffic detracts from the hiking. Need a permit to paddle through Canyonlands but anyone can get one. Don’t have GPS coordinates, but an especially good hike is in Water Canyon a short day’s paddle upstream from the Confluence. There’s a spring there that usually flows year round. Good place to pump water. Plan to spend a couple days there. Lots of petroglyphs and Anasazi ruins. It’s a pretty popular area so expect company. Another great hike is to Turk’s Head. Can usually camp in most side canyons but the landings are not always intuitive. Recommend Tex’s Riverways for your shuttle. Their folks are very knowledgeable and freely provide information. They’ll note the best camping spots in your guidebook. Their local knowledge is invaluable. Best time to go in my opinion is April, but water levels can be high. Summer’s too hot. Fall is good too because the water is lower and sand bars become available for campsites. Winds can be brutal any time of year. Other than Water Canyon there’s no place to get fresh water. The river is too silty and high in alkalinity to filter effectively so plan to take all you need. Since your’re already near Moab, Arches N.P has come great day hikes too. Email me & I can send some pics from my 4/06 trip.

More green
Incanoe is right on with his info. One good place to hike on the upper section is Trin Alcove. Hard to get to through that damn Tamerisk but well worth the stop and good camping also. (tamerisk is a non native water sucking bush that is taking over alot of the river canyons in the southwest.nasty stuff)

I had to buy three maps. National
Geographic’s Moab North, Moab South, and Canyonlands (NAD 27, UTM). I got them at REI. They are very detailed and would be great for biking. I did the Green last year and used Belknap’s Canyonlands River Guide which is very good but no GPS data. I found myself missing things since with the Tamaracks you can see too much. I did the whole 123 miles from Green River to Spanish bottom. I’m going again this April, but will start at Ruby ranch.