Green River in KY

Anybody have any real time experience with the Green River in Kentucky? I am planning an end of March-first part of April trip to do the 111 miles. So, would really appreciate any information. Thanks in advance

Not since 1973, and in the meantime
it has cut a yawning gorge with unclimable cliffs and class 5 rapids which cannot be lined or portaged. Sorry you didn’t catch it earlier, with us, when it was still doable.

Same River?
Are we talking the same river. This one flows east to west into the Ohio. There is a 100+ mile stretch that ends in Mammoth Cave National Park.

I live in Central Kentucky.
Most of the folks who choose to kayak in Kentucky try the Kentucky River. Unless you run into heavy rain it is easily navigatable.

Many shear cliffs and lots of trees. In the summer, the current runs about 1 mph. Depending on what you’re use to, it is pretty isolated.

I live close by and run a portion of it (between locks 6 & 7)as often as possible.


Green River
I’ll be canoeing & I have read about the “300 springs” area on the river. It looks like a small intimate river and fairly isolated…no dams in 111 miles!

Well, to be serious, try to leave time
to paddle up the Nolan as you pass Mammoth Cave NP. We did a one-night overnight on the Green, ending by the park. This was in late summer, but the water levels were OK. Rapids quite mild, easy class 1, except where a branch or snag interfered. The Sehlinger guidebook for KY is quite helpful.

We did sections of the KY river from Boonesborough State Park on down to where the Dix River enters. The limestone cliffs are impressive, and with recent rain, there are occasional small waterfalls on side streams. There will be a few powerboats, and portages at the locks. Quite a different experience from the Green.

Tssplash & Boyscout
These two are both from KY and have paddled the Green and know the area well. Send them an e-mail and I’m sure they could help you plan. WW

I was going to go once
and it fell through-go to the Mamoth Cave website and you’ll find alot of camping and putin info there-it’s a big help

Tssplash knows
Splassh knows the iver better i do.i have done only 20 miles of the mammoth section.the first take out option was at the ferry closest to the visiter center.(12 miles frome launch)cant recal the name of the put in site up river. and the second was the next ferry and campground. for info on this area you could contact cave county canoe rental they do shuttle service for a pretty good size section around mammoth cave.