Green River NC something fishy

OK I know how popular this river is here in the Carolinas and noticed there was NO entry in the Places-to-Paddle section in the GO PADDLING heading above. SO awhile back I submitted a Place-to-Paddle entry but it has not been posted. Then I submitted a Launch-Site entry for the Start of the Lower Green class II run but once again,…no posting for it has been made. Maybe the person responsible for posting peoples submissions is purposefuly keeping it OFF to keep crowds down? HMMM! Any Ideas?

Green River

Already too many people in NC. Folks should go to Florida where is is less crowded and the weather is always nice. NC is no place to be. :wink:

Mosquitos as big as buzzards. Depraved hillbillies everywhere.

“I’d turn back if I were you.”

Florida has…
man-eating alligators, woman-spearing fish, shark attacks weekly…and don’t forget pythons, monitor lizards, and crocodiles.

Paddle NC instead :wink:

Not really, y’all come, tourism keeps my taxes low.


Most of us have no indoor plumbing.

Don’t come. You’ll hate it.

Paddled the Lower Green twice.
Very pretty, easy compared to Nantahala. There has been friction with local Homers in the past.

Maybe they are being cautious.
I recently read where one guidebook (an older printing) lists the put in incorrectly for the Lower Green. In that publication the put in listed for the lower Green is actually the put in for the Narrows! (Wouldn’t that be a surprise for some poor, unsuspecting Level II whitewater paddler!)

Anyhoo, it may be that the person receiving the information is not familiar-enough with the Green but aware there have been past problems with getting the put ins right.

After all, telling someone that the put in to the Narrows is the put in to the Lower Green would be like telling them you are bringing your pet lap-monkey and showing up with a gorilla. Something like that, only scarier.

BTW, the 2010 Green River Narrows Race is Saturday, November 10, at high noon. They supply the gorilla.

Bumper sticker
I was paying my way into a park near Port St. Joe early this year. Near the pay booth was parked a car with this bumper sticker: If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?

I know most Floridians appreciate the business, especially in the wake of the oil spill.