Green River UT fishing

Hello all,

Hoping to find out about fishing on the lower part of the Green River (Below Green River State Park to the confluence with the Colorado).

Specifically, what are the most common/best methods, and what species are caught. We will be heading there in about one week’s time.

Is there any reason (pollutants?) that we couldn’t fry a couple of medium-sized catfish?

Thanks for any help you might offer.

Maybe you should Google Green River.
Also, visit the Gorp site. From the couple of sites I looked at, the river looks free of any nasty pollutants. The upper reaches closer to Wyoming are fly fishing territory. I’d guess from looking at the relative isolation of the area, the fish anywhere on the Green will be ok to eat. Check with the Utah fisheries and environmental people if you have concerns.


I will ask around when I get there, too. Just thought someone might have some info before I packed the gear in the car and ordered an on-line license.

Also, there are places I know where fishing is legal . . . but catching something is rare unless you know the local tecniques.

Thanks again.

Green River
Not sure what you might catch that far downstream as I have only fished the holy water below the reservoir. I guarantee you that whatever you catch is ok to eat. All the way from headwaters to Colo. river is way upstream from any industry whatsoever and the water is absolutely without abnormal contaminants. You are in for a treat, please let us know how the trip went when you are done.


Fish from holy water will no-doubt taste good. I suspect I will just jug a little, as that is pretty standard river fishing - maybe a few spinners in the eddies. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again! (I’m so excited!)

They’ve got a golf course from what I
saw on the park website, you might want to see if you can legally or by sneak try one of the ponds on the course. Also, you may want to call the park and ask what kind of currents the river has in that area, and, if you are taking your kayak or canoe, whether anyone offers a shuttle service.