Green River UTAH- Mineral Bttm. NO MORE

I know a lot of you all paddle that each year and oft time put-in or take out at Mineral Bottom. Not sure you heard but the road NO LONGER exist…a major flash flood washed it out completely. This will not only make your plans more difficult but will hurt Moabs float businesses bigtime. You can google photos of the washed out road if you want to see the damage AND or read about it on the National Park website for Canyonlands.

Here is a photo of the washed out road to the Put-in at Mineral Bottom.

Just last night a friend who I paddled the Green with last year Emailed me that photo along with a letter from the folks at the livery we used. (Tex’s in Moab)

They mentioned that they were planning on using the Spring Creek road until Mineral Bottoms road is repaired. They were thinking the Mineral Bottoms road would be ready by early next summer and that the Spring Creek road was usable but would limit them somewhat. They seemed to feel it would not pose an insurmountable problem for most of the parties they typically transport. They thought the Spring Creek road would need some extra maintenance in the spring and would require extra care on the part of their shuttle drivers.

When I first saw the Mineral Bottoms road I was impressed that anyone could build a road there in the first place. I’m equally impressed that they think they can have a road that badly damaged in operation by early next summer. It doesn’t show in the photo posted here, which seems to have some of the foreground cropped, but the NPS photo sent by Tex’s shows an area that was washed right down to its almost vertical rock base and will require LOTS of fill. Just getting the fill trucks down there would be a daunting task. Where do they turn? How can they pass each other? Hats off to those guys…

New TV show from the IRT guys
and gal once they are done in India.

Washout photo
Nothing a little duct tape & baling wire can’t fix…