Green river, Utah

I’m planning on doing the Green flat section from Green River (I 70) to the Colorado river this April. Just wondering how much time should I take for the 120 mile trip? I know the first section has some current but then it slows down. I don’t want to just make it a paddling trip with no time to explore. If I go for a week that means 17 miles a day which with little current can mean a full day of paddling not taking into account any head winds. If it wasn’t for my dogs being boarded because of going through the NP, I wouldn’t care about time since I’m retired and plan to spend some time in the area. Anyhow, I have to come up with a date for the pickup at the Colorado so I have to decide on how long to make the trip.

I know you can park your vehicle at the State Park at Green River, but is it safe. I’m going to leave my truck and a small trailer.

Are there any other things to consider? Thanks.

As much time as you can!
The side hikes are amazing! Be sure and hike up into the maze from the side canyon on the right just before the confluence. Peace Joel

I agree
Did this stretch 3 years ago. Beautiful trip. We were all pretty talented paddlers and we took 10 days. We hiked some, and took two days totally off paddling. I personally would like to do it again, and would take atleast 2-weeks this time. There are so many cool canyons to hike, and places to just go exploring.

You could divide your trip and either pull out or launch at Mineral Bottom if you only have a week.

Other considerations… you need to carry a gallon of water per day per person, as the river water will plug a filter. In addition, leave yourself atleast a day to explore up Water Canyon towards the Maze, and another at Spanish Bottom to hike up to the Doll House.

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Green River
I have done that trip a couple of times and it is well worth it. I would say 8 to ten full days is good but two weeks would be better. Lots of great hiking and places to explore. I think you can count on a current of at least 3 to 4 miles an hour on the river in most places.

I have left cars at the state park in Green River with out any problem.

I highly recomend Texas Riverways for the jet boat ride out. Those guys know their stuff. They are locals that grew up on the river. Cars can be left at their place also and they will shuttle you up to the put in just below the state Park in green River

Green River in Utah
I have gone from Crystal Geyser (near Green River, Utah, near I-70) to Mineral Bottom, and from Mineral Bottom to the confluence, in two separate trips, each 4.5 days. I would suggest ten days for the whole thing, more if you want to hike a bunch. The first day out of Crystal geyser is forgetable, some people put in at the ranch downstream, probably a good idea, especially if you want to hike but have limited time.

I second Tex’s Riverways, the jet boat is amazing, and it is a nice ride upstream. Lots of fun to watch them run a 45 foot boat up on a trailer like it was a ski boat. We used Tex’s for both trips.

Note that it can be very hot, I have been there in mid June and at the end of August. April should be nicer weather, you can look up the climate of Moab to get a general idea of the expected weather. On the trip at the end of August, we spent hours up to our waist in water, just to stay cool.

We brought our water with us, not sure if you can do that for a ten day trip. If you plan to use river water, figure to let it settle in a bucket overnight to get most of the dirt out, and then plan to filter it. Remember that the ice melt from the cooler is better water than the river water, good for cooking with. Or mix it with bourbon for a nice cool bourbon and branch.


Time in not a issue since I’m retired;
however, the cost of boarding the dogs is. I’ve been looking at Tag-a-Long not for any particular reason except I visited them last year when traveling through Moab. It seems like Tex would cost $35 dollars more since they charge to haul the canoe back. Does Tex have enough room to park a 20ft RV along with my truck. That could be a factor in deciding which outfitter to pick.

I guess I’ll take ten days and do
the whole 120 miles since a few extra days won’t add too much to the cost. It’s a long drive for me so it doesn’t make sense not to do it all. Time isn’t the problem. just the dogs so I guess I’ll leave them in the kennel for another couple of days. It’s going to be nice not having to worry about bears. I like paddling in Canada and bear safety slows everything down so much. I love the Moab area and can’t wait to go.

I’ve been researching the same trip…
The problem for me will be carrying enough water, because I plan to take at least two weeks to make the trip, with some overnight backpack trips away from the Green.

I learned some tricks to filter the water:

Bring a couple collapsable 5-gal jugs, fill them and let them settle overnight, then use a filter without disturbing the silt, only filter the top couple gallons in each jug.

Add ‘alum’ to help settling.

Use a coffee filter as a pre-filter.

Use a water filter that can be cleaned in the field.

After all that, I hear the water may still be salty, although this appears to be more of a problem on the San Juan than the Green.

To those who have floated this stretch of the Green before, did you ever have a ranger check your equipment?

I know the rangers play hardball with the required equiptment list in Desolation and Cataract, but I don’t know about Labyrinth.

The NPS site says you must carry a firepan, even if you don’t intend to have fires.

I don’t intend on having fires, and I’d rather not carry around a bulky piece of steel I won’t use, so I hope to get away with not taking one.

What toilet system did you kayakers use on this trip? Restop2?

Ignore my toilet question…
The ‘pooping on islands’ thread answered my crappy question.

I used WAG bags on the Missouri
and the BLM didn’t say anything. WAG bags have two bags, a inner and outer, and all the chemicals to disolve the waste. I’m planning on using them.

When do you get hassled by the NPS
and BLM? I usually never make a campfire and don’t intend to on this trip. I don’t want to have to carry a fire pan. Do you have to go somewhere before the trip to get you equipment inspected? When I did the Missouri (Missouri Breaks) the BLM checked us out in FT. Benton when launching.

Back to the WAG bags. I bought a toilet which is just a five gallon paint bucket with a seat and lid attached. The WAG bag has TP, hand cleaner and all the chemicals in the inner bag. Just open the bag and put it in the bucket. When done using it you just close up the plastic bags. I find it real convenient and not messy. When back, you just throw the bags away.

Talk to the NPS
Just talk to the NPS and BLM rangers - they’re generally really cool people.

I’ve canoed the Green from Ruby Ranch to the confluence - we shuttled from Moab and took a jetboat back.

And I did a second trip which involved backpacking down to the river - floating downstream in a cheap inflatable raft for 15 miles - then backpacking out. I needed a river permit to do this, which meant I needed a toilet system and fire pan. The park service and BLM people were great (I forget their names) - but we were able to use wag bags and bring a turkey baster pan for our fire pan.

We didn’t have any fires (and didn’t plan to) - we just folded up the foil and stuck it in the bottom of a backpack.

There’s a Green River guidebook you should buy - River Guide To Canyonlands National Park and Vicinity by Kelsey. Awesome book.

I want to get to the Green several days
before the put-in so that I can get my ducks in a row. This time I’ll read about where I paddling before the trip not afterwards, like I did on the Missouri.

I’m hoping the weather isn’t too bad. I’m use to paddling up north in Canada where you can count on rain and bad weather for half the trip.

green time frame
The State Park IS safe, dont worry about it, your in Mormonville.

I paddled from I-70 to the Confluence in one long 21 hour time period. I was training for a race.

Take yOUr time! A week is good and allows PLENTY of time to do nothing, hike, or drift. Many people take 5 days and still get in some good hiking.

Why rush?

What about the take-out?
Will there be any problem with swirlies and fast current?

No problems at takeout just more of the same that you paddled through. Just do not go to far or you and your boat will be going through Cataract Canyon and probably not together :slight_smile:

It’s a great trip
I did it last year from Crystal Geyser in 12 days. That allowed 3 non-paddling days. Loved every inch of it.

This year, I’m starting at Ruby ranch and doing it in 11 days.

You can definitely settle and filter water; alum is a must. The coffee filter pre-filter idea is a good one. I used a folded up bandana.

I found Tag-A-Long to be much better than Tex’s Riverways.

Have fun!