Green River

Not really Wilderness… but my girlfriend and I are planning a trip down the section of the green river that flows through Mammoth cave Nat Park. We are planning the trip for late March-spring break. I have done some research and read a trip report on that section here. I would like some first hand info if anyone has been there. We are planning on a 2 day trip with time to fish. How is the fishing? We plan on camping with a back counrty permit. Are there black bears in the area-should I hang my food pack? Anything else I need to know?

mammoth cave
try this web site for links to mammoth cave canoe&kayak,I’ve not been there in years but it’s a nice place and real good fishing.

phone# toll free 877-592-2663

good luck with your trip


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Both of them live in KY and both have done the Green. I've not done the Green, but been to Mammoth Cave NP; albeit, several years ago (early '80's). Would have liked to explore the river, but was with family who were more interested in seeing a wax Elvis than nature! Pretty area with some nice commercial caves to visit in the area too. I would have serious doubts about there even having bears in the area, and definitely not a problem with them. I DO remember their mentioning seeing lots of poisonous snakes (can't remember if it was copperheads, cottonmouths, or rattlers) so you might beware of where you step or put your hands. WW

Green River
I paddled the Green River in Aug 04. No bears, no snakes, no people until the very end. There is a tour boat that you might see near the main park area. Very pleasant. We took our time and spent about 6 hrs paddling with an hour lunch break. We saw two good places to camp. One had two tents but no people and the other was a great sand bar about half way throught the trip. You’ll enjoy it! We did.


I thought you meant the one in Utah.

Green River
You won’t have to worry about bears. The only thing you “might” have to worry about are raccoons as far as your food goes. If you’ll get one of the island campsites you won’t have that problem, but it sure never hurts to throw a rope.

What I recommend is when camping the Green River (that time of year especially) is to get in contact with the N.P. Service and check the water levels before you go. And check the forecast especially camping on the islands. When it does ran, and even up river the water level can easily either ruin your trip all together by flooding before you go, or catch you off guard while you’re sleeping at night. Keep your campsite as high as possible, and tie your boat.

It’s a beautiful paddle, and chances are you’ll have no problems. An excellent take out is Houchen’s Ferry. Even when the Ferry is running they have a space on the downriver side for you to take out. Green River Ferry which is the Northern most one has the same set-up. There is also a great set of campsites at Houchen’s Ferry that is first come first serve. The fishing as anywhere else can be fantastic, to ok. There are some big fish in that river though. Keep in mind that if you fish inside the Park boundaries only you don’t have to have a fishing license. Thought mentioning that might save you a few bucks.

Good luck! Splash

I figured there would not be a bear issue, but better safe than sorry. Some of the places I grouse hunt in Ky have blackbears, and Elk for that matter.

Last time I camped on a river the rain came and the water rose about a foot. We were camped far from the water, but it made for a fast paddle to the takeout! I realy hope the conditions cooperate. We are making a sort of shakedown trip before I take my girlfriend to the BWCA. I picked that area because if it rains and gets too nasty we can do other things in the park! Thanks for the info… we plan on going from ferry to ferry with a friend coming up to shuttle the car for us.

You’re welcome.
Glad to be of help. If the river does flood the park has a nice campground near the main cave entrance, and some great trails to walk. The cave tours are really nice, but they can get crowded just so you know. Have a great trip, and feel free to e-mail me if you have any more questions. Might be a good while before I can answer though just so you know.


Oh yes and…
they have what looks like a great new mountain biking trail now as well.