GreenJacket Question

How low does your GreenJacket ride when you have it properly adjusted? I really want to love mine but it seems like it rides a little high on me, but I have nothing to compare to. I am 6’2" and 200lbs ish with a bit of a belly and things just feel a little tight/pinched around the top and bottom of my vest when I really bend from side to side, is this from the fit or because I need to lose some weight do you figure? lol. The bottom of my vest is approximately 3-4 fingers(2-3") above my belly button and maybe 1-2 fingers below my nipples when fully adjusted and the front panel straps fully extended.

What size Greenjacket?

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M/L but I was told by Astral that all their GreenJackets are all the same size except the length of the side straps, so sizing up would do me no good.

I had a similar problem with my Kokatat PFD but mine has a front zipper and a belly buckle below. I could make it work somewhat with adjusting everything tight to the point it was uncomfortable to wear. Loosen it just a bit and it felt like it would float off. I’m old and overweight and this would have been great 30 years ago. My previous PFD was a cheap one that was cut tighter around the arms and longer with 3 buckles and was awful to paddle in but not bad to wear on a power boat.

I wanted to make mine work so I modified it with a snap buckle strap a couple bucks on amazon. I cut it shorter and flame sealed the cut ends and took the piece I cut off to our harness shop and had her sew it into a drop loop. I feed the strap thru the same slots the bottom buckle on the PFD goes thru. So it pulls down the back 2 places as well as one place in the front. It is now very comfortable and stays put in and out of the water.

The only other solution I know is leg straps kind of upside down suspenders. I tried that and if it felt good sitting it wasn’t right swimming and the type of clothes I wear paddling it just looked and felt bad.

I guess there is another solution I didn’t conceder, going to the gym and eating rabbit food.

Here is a photo (no comments please) I think it would work even with a pull over.

6-2 & 200 ish you can’t have that big of a belly.

I have the Kokatat Hustler R. I’m 6’ 235 no problem it stays down where I put it. I had an ASTRAL V8 and sent it back for a few reasons.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of too big a belly, they are just cut so high for I assume a spray skirt to fit under that if you don’t have a taper or a wide enough rib cage they don’t stay put. My fix works I guess because I have a belly and I don’t know for a fact at what point a belly strap lower than what comes with it would work and at what point you need a crotch or leg straps.

Not enough to make my vest ride up, just figured it might be relevant to mention that I’m not one of those flat belly guys.

I think it’s more about the vest being designed to fit the height of the average size person, which I’m not. I believe it would be the perfect vest if the shoulder straps were an inch or so longer but then it prolly wouldn’t fit others as well.

You’re not 6-10. 6-2 is not abnormal. Others could pull the straps another two inches. Kokatat sits lower on my body than the V8 did.

I also have an Astral, but I have the opposite problem as you. I have a very short torso so the straps stick up above my shoulders and hit me in the chin when I turn my head. It fits me very well otherwise, and stays put when I take accidental swims. It’s a shame the straps are not adjustable. My next PFD might be a different brand for this reason.

I know nothing about kayaks with a spray skirt closed water tight around the waist. But my understanding is all these are designed to accommodate the spray skirt. I wear mine in a canoe where I want the same range of movement as kayak paddlers like and that means putting most of the floatation in the front and some higher in the back. They need to get something like 17 pounds of upward floating force into the thing. Like I said the ones that fit me lower correctly are general purpose PFDs made for a jet ski or similar. I bought mine for general paddling and also fishing plus it was 65% off and I didn’t want to spend more. I am one of those fat belly guys along with about 75% of the population in the country. I let my shoulder straps out all the way I’m 6’ or a little taller and found I wished they went more. I considered having some extension added but the word is the coast guard and the powers over such things frown on altering them. Someone said if you alter it and carry a $9 junk horse collar one in the boat then you are good. Shows how backwards the rules work.

Maybe you will have to return it and try a different company. Was just trying to help.

Appreciate it, thank you.

Open you shoulder straps all the way. Make front and back of vest even and measure it. I’ll do the same on the Kokatat Hustler.

No pipe just tight it’s 22.5" flat to shoulder straps. Tape is to bottom band on vest if you look closely. I have 38" waist slight muffin top 6’ 230-35 lb.

Just about the same for me laid out like that, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

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