Greenland Forward Cant Stroke with Euro?

I am pretty new to using a GP but have been enjoying my experiments with my new Beale paddle.

I am still practicing the forward canted stroke and think I am getting it down pretty well. It definitely feels different and am working to get the feel down so that I can angle the blade just right.

I still prefer a Euro blade most of the time, and like to switch back and forth.

Now that I am getting the feel for the forward cant stroke I found myself canting the blade just a bit on my Euro paddles today (Werner foam core Ikelos and Cyprus). Much to my surprise I found that when the blade was angled right it too would dive in a similar fashion to the GP when using the forward cant stroke, although not nearly as drastically. It actually felt pretty good…smooth without any apparent loss in efficiency (although I did not have enough time on the water to truly judge its efficiency).

Do any of you apply your GP forward cant stroke when using your Euro blade as well?

Would I somehow be achieving less efficiency using this stroke with the Euro blade which was not really intended for this type of presentation?



When it was
angled right it would dive? Doesn’t seem right to me. I use a GP and sometimes canted sometimes not, but it dosen’t dive.

Most angle a bit…
… and just don’t notice/pay attention.

Difference is GP is made to do this, and the grip (assuming hands mostly on blade roots - and top hand push controlling) makes it automatic/built in - whereas any significant cant with round/oval shaft euro and wider blade has to be more consciously/forcefully applied to overcome torque from wider blades. Generally it’s easier to flare EP stroke (more winglike) than adding cant - and gives similar flutter free/single vortex benefits. I often do a bit of both with GP.

Diving: In response to above. I am no expert on GPs, but from what I have read about the canted stroke, it should cause the blade to “dive” when done right.

In response to Greyak’s comments: In applying this to the EP I found very slight angle needed…less angle than with the GP to get that same sort of feel where the paddle just starts to dive and want to pull closer to the hull.

What do you mean by flare with a EP? I am not a wing user. I assume you mean that characteristic that wings have where it flies out away from the boat? I experience the opposite with when canting the paddle.


blade pitch is a wonderful thang. works especially well with smaller, foam cored blades.


Cant stroke with GP
If you are used to a Euro paddle and then switch to a GP, the trick is to devote a few hours to the GP, all in one strech. Don’t switch back and forth between paddles. The GP will feel really weird for a hour or so until all of a sudden it becomes your best friend.

Actually when I swith to the GP it feels good after a few minutes…switching back to the Euro is another story.

Many have said not to switch too much as your GP stroke will suffer. My exprience is that my Euro stroke suffers more when coming off the GP.


Don’t cross the particle streams !!
There is much to learn by becoming proficient in both styles.

Once I became comfrtable with the GP canted stroke I started to cant my euro and steepen the angle to get something closer to a wing paddle stroke with my euro.

Keep looking for way to steal tricks from one camp and see how they can be adapted to work in the other camp. Although this kind of thing may be illegal in terms of one of more camps, their ability to enforce their rules is pretty pathetic, so there’s little change of doing jail-time.


Guess I was largely wondering whether my use of the canted stoke with the Euro was adding any value or if it was taking away. Seems that is not the way the paddle is “supposed” to be used, but many have commented how this adds efficiency to the GP. Was wondering if it would do the same for the Euro or if it was perhaps making me lose efficiency in the long run. Feels okay…different but very smooth.