Greenland Instructors in South Florida?

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Greetings All,

Just curious if anyone know of Greenland style instructors in South Florida? Particularly in the South East Region near Fort Lauderdale area.



Greg Stamer
is in central Fla. If that’s too far he can recommend others. Google Kayak Vagabond, that’s his blog site.

What part of Greenland paddling are
you most interested in? Rolling? Gear, paddle, and boat making? Stroke,paddling, and harpooning? Instructors tend to have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Someone who would be outstanding in teaching rolls might not want to help you with building your boat and vice versa. Are you trying to focus on any one area? Bill

More into Rolls and general paddling…
More interested in learning rolls and general paddling.

Plan on starting to carve a paddle sometime next week. Have not yet learned to roll, however looking at videos, it seems like the Greenland style rolls look more efficient and less jerky?

There is a Tahe kayak dealer in Miami. It is called Paddlehouse. Wayne,who is one of the owners is an acomplished Greenland paddler. He is a nice man that may be able to help you out. He has trained with Cheri Perry recently. Hope this helps…Dave

Naples Florida
No personal experience but I keep hearing good things about Jay at the Naples Kayak Company…

Best of luck…


You have been given some good leads.
Having spent time already building boats and paddles, and rolling at a few training camps, I would jump at any chance to spend time with Greg Stamer. JMO Bill

Even Closer to Home
Agreed, Greg would be great for rolling if closer.

Here’s another option…



Thank you all!
Thank you everyone for your suggestions! - I e-mailed everyone listed here and PMed to me. If any more suggestions/recommendations - please keep them rolling in :slight_smile:

Just picked up a DVD as well…
Just picked up the DVD as well : This Is The Roll by Justine Curgenven.

Would it also be greatly beneficial if I also picked up: Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson ?

Pretty much covers the same stuff?



If paddling a kayak
is as important to you as rolling one, then Greg Stamer would be a great instructor. You won’t find a better instructor.

Greg Stamer
I’ve spent some time with Greg in the past. A great guy and superb instructor. Go for it!