Greenland Paddle as Temporary Outrigger

This is continuing the discussion of a 2013 post “Paddle As Outrigger” but directed towards using a Greenland paddle as a temporary outrigger.

I got an idea from Brian Schulz at Cape Falcon Kayaks - in this video at 8:32, he shows the use of the front deck lines with a Greenland paddle to provide temporary stability/support:

I’m a 240+ lb guy and paddling at times a Tsunami 175, an Etain 17-7, and a Stratos 14.5L. Tiny bladder and stiff legs, need to get out of my boat about every hour to void and stretch.

Sometimes paddling solo, so self rescue/recovery needs to happen.

Mounted a pair of Seals Paddle Float Rescue Straps on the front deck and use them for a temporary outrigger, as shown in these pictures:

Since I’ve got a deck bag with pump and paddle float, the Greenland rawhide deck lines are not accessible, so the Paddle Float Rescue Straps provide a temporary outrigger that helps slow down the rolling motion when doing a back deck scramble.

How does it work? This video demonstrates it’s use by a big dude scrambling back onto a 21.5" wide sea kayak:

Does anybody else put these straps on their front deck to use as a temporary Greenland paddle outrigger?

I’ve not seen anyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area do this on a club paddle.