Greenland paddle carving video

Hey folks I finished my paddle carving video:


Absolutely amazing! Very well made and very informative! Where can I get those written directions that you speak of? Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, glad you liked it.
The link for the Chuck Holst PDF is right under the video link:

Or here:

Where do we pin the medal?
Seriously, that’s a great service to the paddling community, man.

Very nice, Matt.
I’m sure I’ll be reviewing your vid much in the furure. One thing I wasn’t clear on that I must have missed: You measured 19" for your loom. When you transferred that to wood, was that 19" minus the blade roots or including?

I see many paddles in my future now. :wink:

19" minus shoulders

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The terminology is a little vague here but I tend to call where the loom ends and tapers into the blade root the shoulders. My loom is 19" and the shoulders are an 1 1/2" so the length between the two blade roots is 22" on my paddle.

"Shoulders" makes sense if you hold the paddle up horizontally in front of you and look at the bottom shape of the loom to blade roots.

Tired of house remodelling huh
What a great job! Definitely worthy of some accolades. Thanks for sharing with us all.


BTW I’m staying in Michigan, so let’s start planning North Manitou.

Yeah I ended up remodeling my garage L
Great, glad to hear we get to keep you!

Oh yeah we’ll have to get a couple of trips planned for next season.

Excellent job Matt
It’s nice to see you encourage people to be creative. The Greenland paddle build is a good way to spend the off paddling hours.

I wish my shop was as clean as yours…it’s a mess already with a foot of sawdust and I just started building.

Went by the lake today and it’s already iced over, good day to work on a paddle.

Ha! It took me longer to clean up my
shop than to make the video. But I did finally set my shop up the way I’ve wanted. All my stuff is off-camera too. I did find painting the floor was the best thing I did for my shop, it cleans up so much easier and looks that way when I do.

Thanks for the kudos,


Wow! I am really impressed with how
your video turned out. I made my first GP almost two years ago and your video brought back many fond memories of that day. Your production values in the video are first class with how you phased in and out of each segment. Lighting of your shop was very good and you have a very natural easy-going approach to presenting the material as you work on creating your paddle.

I saved your video on my hard drive so that I can play it again and again as a reference tool. Fast forward, backward, start in the middle if I want to, etc. When I first saw that you were announcing the video and said it “wasn’t finished yet” I thought that the quality would be “amateurish” but I was really pleasantly surprised to see what a professional job you did on it and your paddle too.

I also think that you are giving the paddling community a very nice instructional video and your kindness in sharing your knowledge and Chuck Holst’s knowledge should be recognized and congratulated. It is obvious you know your way around a wood shop the way that you work so efficiently and effortlessly.

Thanks again for making your video available to the paddling community.

Jeff Pringle

PS. My first paddle did not turn out nearly as nice as yours! But now I won’t be intimidated to try to make a second one since I will have your video to guide me along with Chuck’s pdf file.

Thanks everyone
The community of paddlers has made this a rewarding experience with many emails and over 400 downloads so far. I’ve learned so much from many of you so it was nice to give back a little. I’d do it again in a minute.


maybe folks won’t be so intimidated with making their own. It’s only a $20-25 piece of wood with a dose of time and care.


Fine job!
I’m planning on a GP or two this winter, and have read and re-read Chuck H’s instructions. I consider myseld handy with tools, but I really appreciate your effort on this video. Envisioning the steps in my head works well; Seeing it on teh screen works great!


Good job
I was awaiting the final installment of your video - good job. I’m a novice GP builder myself and it’s always helpful to see how others approach this fun and useful woodworking hobby.


Great job Matt!
Thistleback had sent me info on how to carve a paddle, and now your video is a most excellent adjunct to the downloaded paper I have.

Thanks so very much!!