greenland paddle dealers in michigan?

Looking for a dealer in Michigan that carries Greenland style kayak paddles in stock. Southeast Lower Peninsula area preferred. Any advice? Thanks.

Beetsie Bay Kayak
in Frankfort, wherever that is. I have seen their paddles, which look nice and feel nice, but have never actually used them.


Riverside Kayak has BBK paddles.

They’re not typical in loom length or blade width for GPs, but very nicely made. Are you looking to try one out? If you’d like one made specifically for your body, I’ve got a few other options for you. Just drop me an email.


Greenland paddle info - Thanks
Hi Jim. Thanks for your response.

I’m wanting to try a Greenland paddle although I’m pretty sure that I’ll like the smaller blade area as compared to the spoon bladed Sawyer that I use now (no beef against Sawyer - I like their paddles). I emailed Riverside earlier this afternoon and they advised me that they have Betsie Bay Greenlander and Inuit paddles. I looked on the Betsie Bay website and found that the longer Inuit model is probably what I’d want. The Betsie Bay paddles are kind of expensive but dealing with Riverside means no shipping charges for me. Do you have any experience with these kinds of paddles? I’ll appreciate any input you have on the subject. Their design sure looks appealing for long days out on the water.



There is a sporting goods store
in Marquette MI. called Down Wind Sports that sells greenland paddles for under $200. They are shouldered with a hardwood edge along the blade. There are many different style of greenland paddles that work differently. It would be good if you could try a few different styles so that you are making a choice that will be best for you.

Greenland paddle Saline Michigan
Call Dana at Kayak Corral in Saline. He had several there last week

Many here can speak volumes on this.
The best GP to paddle with will be made to your body’s own dimensions. The best illustration of this I’ve found on the net is here:

With your elbow in by your ribs, make a “C” with your hand and try to slide the paddle trough, down the entire length of one blade. If you can’t comfortably do this, or you notice your elbow trying to move out from your ribs to compensate for your overextended fingers, the blade is too wide for you to use the full potential of it as a GP. To illustrate this point, see these:

The other point I’d make about BBK paddles is in their looms, or shafts. BBKs are more like Euro paddles in this respect, where your hand placement is about 2-2.5’ (elbows spanned). GPs are closer to 1.5’ (shoulder width). This does two things: It increases your blade length for increased surface area in the water. It also allows you to grasp the blade roots, or shoulders, with your outer fingers. This neutralizes the strain on your wrists like a bent shaft EP and reduces fatigue and carpal tunnel. Like I said, others on this board can point out the virtues of GPs clearer and in more depth. These are the most noticeable attributes for me though.

Also, there’s a guy I know in the Saginaw Bay area that used to make BBK style GPs with a 3.5" blade width, and for way less money too. Let me know if you want me to contact him for you.


PLEASE get one custom made
Otherwise you risk ending up with something that’s just a generic and ill fitting narrow bladed paddle. A Greenland paddle is MUCH more.

I can highly recommend Don Beale. He will work with you for the right size, do it fast, and at a decent price.

The Betsie Bay paddles are nicely made, but are designed to be used with hand 100% on the loom instead of thumb & forefinger around loom and the rest of your hand on the blade roots. This misses out on a lot of the GP’s magic IMO Anything will propel the boat, but to me they’re more like narrow bladed double canoe paddles than true GPs. They’re also not custom sized and I can’t stress the importance of that enough.

People who try GPs and don’t like them generally try them for 2-3 minutes- and try paddles that are the wrong size for them. All GPs are for from equal.


Kayak Korral
Just south of Ann Arbor had some last time I was there.