Greenland paddle Guru's advice

Looking for something that may seem blatantly obvious to you but I just wanna check.

like displayed here:

Laminating the blade tip is not something I have tried yet,and was wondering how you get the pressure on it with a clamp. Somehow my feeble mind cannot grasp the concept.

After finding the above frame and seeing these guys were slightly confused with the read, I’m going to move ahead soon with chris cunninghams book and make a SOF.

here are my few paddles I’ve done over the past month or so.Hoping in to days time I’ll have a spoke shave and a few other goodies I have been asking for!

Cheer’s and thank you in advance.


The easiest way
Is to install the tips before you cut out the paddle. That give you square surfaces and extra material for clamping. In the photo at the link you posted, the tips are pegged. Offsetting the holes just slightly between the tip and the paddle blank would create clamping pressure when you drive the pegs in.

Keep in mind that if you’re using epoxy, you don’t need or want much clamping pressure, as you don’t want to squeeze the glue out of the joint. If you’re using polyurethane glue, you need precise joints and serious clamping pressure.

I guess offsetting a biscuit would work as well? Thanks for the clarification, I just couldnt wrap my mind around how it was done.



couple ways
I’ve used long pipe clamps, relatively cheap, and I’ve used duct tape (lots cheaper), though even masking tape works stretched from end to end. Unless you’ve got pipe clamps, only glue one end at a time, it’s hard enough to keep one end on straight. Like Brian says you don’t need a heck of alot of pressure if you use epoxy, which I like as it gives a bit of flex to the tip.

Bill H.