Greenland paddle makers

Who do you recommend?


Greenland paddles
Check out Joe O’Blenis, holds the speed record for circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, great handmade paddles, and a good guy.

Joe O’Paddles

I love my Lumpy

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However, I have not tried the other brands.

I also have a Novorca (carbon fiber) which I enjoy but is not on your list.

Make your own
If you have the tools and skills go ahead and make your own.

If you are generically looking for alternatives to a “euro” type paddle, consider Aleutian paddles as well.

Mitchell Paddles
and if you need a sectional, Northern Lights

make your own
Once you make a couple, a longer, shorter, wider, differently configured loom or any other exploration is just $20-$40 of wood and about 3-4 hours of time. Buy a 4x4 with straight grain and split it with a bandsaw to get two blanks with vertical grain. Most 2x4’s are flat sawn, not the more desirable vertical grain. Many paddle makers periodically teach classes, which is a good way to start on GP making.

Don Beale is well thought of on the West Coast, Lumpy in the Southeast,

and Tuktu in Jersey. There are many other excellent GP makers and I apologize to the many I’ve omitted.

I personally use an Aleutian paddle most often and when using an Greenland paddle really like the the paddling feel of the Feather-Craft Greenland paddle I purchased used. However, it only comes in one length (my preferred length), has sharp edges on the blade and is expensive. Some Feather-craft paddles are mostly laminated hardwood: heavy and strong. The one I have is laminated Red Cedar with an hardwood spline down the center for additional strength.


greenland paddles
I like my tuktu, and I’ve made my own. Tuktu’s are nicer, unless you are a better woodcrafter than I am.

Lumpy goooood.

Don’t know about other store-bought paddles but Lumpy beats home-mades big time.

Have owned or paddled Tulku, Beale, Superior, Northern Lights, and many others + made my own and hands down Bill Bremer’s Lumpy is the sweetest GP I’ve ever used…he’s a friend a paddling buddy, but if he weren’t the answer would still be the same.

I love my Tuktu, but have nothing to compare it with since it’s my first GP.

I love my Lumpy.
Bill is a wonderful guy and he spent all the time with me that I needed to help me get the right fit. It is a joy to paddle and feels perfect in my hands. If/when I buy a second paddle it will be a Lumpy.

X5 on Lumpy and Bill made them
extra long to clear the gunnels well on our solo canoes especially for windy open water trips. Very comfortable fit, properly indexed for smooth clean strokes without paying attention, and no joint stress. R

I have been using a Carbon Superior for over 10 years, so I can speak to its durability.

Lumpy & Novorka
Extremely carefully crafted cedar paddles. Light, smooth, good. And made by a great guy too!

That said, I prefer carbon over wood, for durability and lightness. So, Novorka (well made, many options and styles to choose from), even though I don’t own one myself (I have my own carbon-covered creation that has a Lumpy seconds inside).

I’ve made my own paddles a couple of times too and have paddled or held many home made and commercial GPs - none so far has been as nice as Bills. While it is not terribly hard to come up with a decent paddle, it takes a master to come up with a superb paddle like Lumpy.

Talon Woodworks
makes very nice and affordable 1-pc and 2-pc GP’s…