Greenland Paddle - Nice offer from Qajaq USA

QajaqUSA has made a generous new/renewal membership offer. Here is a link to their webpage and offer.

The recent abundance of discussions and interest expressed in these forums, lately, about Greenland (style) paddles (and paddle making) prompted me to explore that paddling style more seriously. Prior to this I have been devoted to canoe paddling - never even once considered Kayaks.

One thing simply, or perhaps not so simply, led to another. I purchased a used GP - it was the wrong size - but hey! - there’s a book? Someone on another thread mentioned a book. And a video too?(about paddle making on Qajaq USA’s website)? Yeah. So now I’m making a paddle… not to mention recently adopting (rescuing) a damaged kayak.

I’m so hopelessly ‘hooked’ now.

And that’s a good thing.

The QajaqUSA website - a treasure of information: educational, historical, technical - is worth a look. I’m happy to be a new member.

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