Greenland Paddle questions

I’m in the process of upgrading my paddle and considering trying a GP. How much does foredeck height impact GPs? I paddle a Tempest 170 (poly)which seems to have a fairly high foredeck compared to other similar boats. Also, how difficult is the transition to GPs in rough water? I’m a little concerned about the learning curve for bracing in choppy seas with a GP.

foredeck has a slight impact…
It depends on your paddling style. I paddle mid to high angle with my GPs so foredeck height isn’t too much of an issue. If you tend to use a lower angle touring stroke, a lower foredeck is nice to have. With that said, I’ve paddled the poly Tempest 170 quite a bit and I think the foredeck height is reasonable and it doesn’t get in the way in regards to Greenland style paddling.

As for the transition to rough water paddling, that’s a bit more tricky. Bracing with a GP works better with a sweeping component and it takes some practice to learn to be confident in the skinny stick. I am absolutely comfortable now in rough water and surf with the GP but that wasn’t the case initially.

I agree
with everything schizopak said. I use a low paddle stroke for casual touring and a high stroke for agressive paddling. The lower decked kayaks that allow a lower paddle stroke just make it easier on your arms.

As far bracing I found myself uncomfortable at first with the greenland paddle. But after learning how to scull, extend the paddle and roll I find very intuitive and reliable.

The greenland paddle is a different beast that needs some competent instructions and a desire to learn new techniques. Enjoy.

Good responses
To which I will add that I have been paddling my QCC 500 with a GP and have had no worries. I believe my boat is 14"deep at the cockpit.


Thanks so much for the great feedback. Wanted to make sure that my boat wouldn’t work against the natural use of the GP. Looking forward to trying to learn some of the different strokes that I see discussed.

competent instructions
Sufficient water time will do. GP is a decent teacher in it’s own right as it gives great feedback. I know there are good GP instructors out there but the good stuff still has to come by feel.