Greenland Paddle Sizing???

I am going to order another GP and want to get the size right…first one I ordered was a bit too big.

I have taken several measurements for the loom width…get a little bit different result each time, but generally between 21 and 22 inches.

I was going to order a 21.5 inch loom.

However, then I started thinking about boat width and this is pretty close to my mine. I paddle a Greenlander Pro which is 21 inches wide and an Avocet at 22 inches (although I am thinking of getting rid of the Avocet and getting a Romany at 21.5 inches).

Should I consider going a little wider on the loom given my boat width? Should it be at least as wide as my widest boat?



Loom length
Go with what feels good in your hands. The length of the loom should be determined by your body, not the boat.

I use a 20" loom, and both of my boats are wider than that (20.5 and 21.75). I have no issues with the paddle not fitting the boat.

I feel that the sizing
should be whatever you feel comfortable with. The only right size is what works best for you. I think that we get used to using whatever we have. I use a 20" loom for all my kayaks that range from 19"-22" and I don’t feel a need for a wider loom on a wider kayak. A wider loom will give you a more aggressive stroke which some people like. A 20" wide loom works for me because I have a bad shoulder and it gives my paddle strokes less shoulder movement. When I’m trying to surf a wave I move hands out on the root of the blades for a wider, more aggressive stroke. Do what you feel is right for you.


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need to suply measurements ....not of your boat/boats.....but measurements of your body

then people can sugest paddle sizes

But it's important to remember that all the measurements in the world are only a "place to start" with the paddle sizing.

It would be better to try several paddles of differant sizes to actually determine what you like. even tho a person can probably adapt to most anything....there usually is a series of dimentions that actually will, just feel right, without adaptation

Best Wishes

PS call Don, he's made enough paddles for enough people to give you a better guess as to what you might like....most people on this board have made less than a dozen....(not enough to help you)

tell him what you do like about you last paddle and what you don't like.

another note

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about the loom length....if you find as you are paddling, that your hands tend to want to be out a little farther or a little closer together....that will be a sort uv indicator as to where to go as far as adjusting the length of the loom.

If as you grab the paddle and do some miles, they tend to want to be where the shoulders are, not because of the shoulders, but because of the width of the loom, then you have the right length.....If you ignore your grip and don't think about it.....your hands will automatically give you indication of a need to change the loom, or that it's about right.

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Matt, you can make a GP faster than…
getting your posts answered. Seriously, I’m no genius when you put a tool in my hand, but it takes about 4 hours using Chuck’s plans. It takes another hour to finish it, once the roughed out paddle comes back out of the water after experimentation. Do that and you can experiment with blade length, edge thickness, loom width and all the other GP subtleties.


is true…excelent answer…wish I had said that

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