Greenland paddle source

for a reasonable price
You mean–for an arm and a leg!

But, whatever the market will bear …

arm and leg?
give me a break! Have you checked out the prices some other sources charge?

Jus Got My Lumpy Paddle
It is gorgeous, and holding it just feels so comfortable. I haven’t used it yet, as I’m not a big fan of the cold, but I plan to bring it with me to a rolling session with Turner in January. Oh, and what JayBird says is abolutely true.


i agree
l am very happy with my lumpy, and Bill is a nice guy to talk with.

Ditto on Tuktu
Chris Raab makes some nice looking GPs and his prices are reasonable. John

try a paddle making course

I have made paddles in courses with three different paddle makers and also conducted a paddle making course for my kayaking club. Courses are common at the Greenland kayak events held in different areas throughout the year. Larger kayak club may conduct courses periodically.

In a Greenland paddle making course you have the experience of the instructor in helping to choose a blank that fits your body and kayak size. They will try to guide you towards better choices if you are thinking about dimensions that are somewhat extreme, yet still accept your dimensions if you are certain what you want. I highly recommend this approach as you will be left with the understanding and skills to make more paddles in the future. Over time most Greenland paddle users evolve into using a different paddle than the one they started with. You are likely to decide you want to try a longer, shorter, narrower blade or a different loom. A change to a narrower boat that facilitates a shorter/narrower paddle could be in your future. Going through 2-4 different sizes over a few years to reach the paddle that’s perfect for you and your kayak doesn’t seem a big deal when they cost so little. Evolving through 2-4 sizes of euro paddles to reach the same point would be expensive. Most participants in the courses I’m been in left with a decent paddle, even those who had no woodworking experience.

Making a paddle in a course is cheaper IF you don’t figure in the cost of driving to the site and maybe meals/lodging. I’d be attending the events anyway, so I don’t count those costs. The course fee for a paddle blank and instruction is about $60. When you learn how to make one, a new/different paddle is under $30 for the wood and a 1/2 day of your time. Be sure to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES if cutting and sanding red cedar as allergic reactions are common with that wood.

My favorite Greenland paddle was made with Don Beale, a wonderful instructor. Made a paddle with Chris (Tuktu) last Fall at Delmarva but haven’t yet used it enough to have an opinion on it. He was a patient, capable instructor. Matt Johnson has posted info about how to make your own greenland paddle and Brian Nystrom has written a fine instructional book.

If you can’t/won’t make one in a course and want to have one made for you, I highly recommend Don Beale. There are many other good paddlemakers, as noted in above posts.


Made with Experience Behind them

The artisan is a modest, experienced Greenland paddler who takes great pride in his work. I and many others I know have and do paddle with his creations weekly or more often. His creations are not only custom made but also of EXCEPTIONAL quality . Not to mention return time on your order will be short.