Greenland paddle source

I am looking for a greenland style paddle and was wondering where people here have bought theirs and what they think about the source. I probably won’t try to make my own, being as I am not very good working with wood. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

I bought a custom made paddle from Beale, and I love it. He’s also great to work with. His URL is

Lumpy Paddles
I’ve had a great experience working with Bill of Lumpy paddles. I don’t actually have my paddle yet, it’s on order, but I’m lucky enough to be located near him and have had the chance to use several of his paddles.

don’t forget the Superior Carbon paddle

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Don builds a good paddle for a reasonable price. You won’t go wrong.

and there is cricket paddles too
in salida colo…

or here is a link from qajaqusa

I ordered a Lumpy GP

Also Lumpy Paddles
Just got my GP from Bill on November. Very happy with it. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Very Happy With My Lumpy

Since you said “probably not…”
,rather than, “I’m definitely not going to make my own.” Let me just post this link:

Here, here…
…to Matt’s link! I just recently made my first paddle with the Chuck Holst instructions and Matt’s video. It’s great!! And I say this as a relatively unskilled woodworker.

Greenland paddles
I’m semi retired now and making some paddles for extra money, both Aleut and Greenland.

Contact me if you’re interested in one.


Commercial GP List
Qajaq USA maintains a list of commercial GP makers at

A link to paddle making and paddle sizing is at

Greg Stamer

Laminates - thanks
Thanks for the input everyone. This is great information. Did most everyone choose a solid insted of laminate for the price consideration? Since some of the solids are half the price as a laminate, would a laminate last twice as long?

I’ve made my own and bet that
i could make a dozen paddles, all servicable, and perhaps at that point might be getting close to my Lumpy paddles. Getting a really sweet paddle from someone like Bill is a really good way to get familiar with what superior design and implementation feel like.

Whiskeyjack Paddles
Whiskeyjack Paddles makes an really nice GP too.

I’m happy with my Tuktu! if you do decide to build he has good info on sizing a paddle and a very comprehensive guide on wood selection. The underwater photo of a paddle on the storm page was taken of my paddle off Devils Island in the Apostles this summer.

Good Luck


Mitchell Horizon GP

Beale and Novorca are both nice.
Don Beale makes excellent wooden paddles ( which are hand carved.

Novorca makes excellent carbon and wood paddles which are custom carved on a CNC machine and hand finished. (

I recommend both highly. NM