Greenland Paddle-Storage

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My wife bought me a Mitchell one piece Greenland Paddle. What is the best way to store it? Strait up and down, Lying flat, Hanging by the loom, or hanging by the blades on edge or flat? I dont want to warp it.

It doesn’t matter
You’re not going to warp a laminated paddle. I store my GPs vertically, as it’s the most convenient and space-efficient method for the area I have available.

isn’t it laminated?
The only Mitchell GP’s I know of are multi-laminated of well-seasoned wood and should not be susceptible to warping, especially if the varnish or oil finish is intact. I’ve kept my 5-lamination Friday Harbor GP either on my mantel since it’s so pretty to look at (decorative fireplace so no heat, and it’s out of direct sun) or, when I’m using it a lot, standing in a shaded corner near the front door.

On your den wall.
I used some curtain rod holders and shortener them. looks good.

Just keep it out of the sun

GP storage:
I use my paddles 3-4 days a week, and just leave them laying flat in my van. Any moisture is quickly baked out in the hot Florida sun, and they have never warped. One is laminated, two are not. All are home made of western red cedar. You may not like this idea, but it works for me. I never rinse them in fresh water, unless they happened to have last been used such.

Cedar also
Mitchell also makes a one piece cedar GP. The one I saw was unfinished and pretty nice actually.

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of Greenland paddles out there but never one that was warped. Mine are left in a hot car for hours with no problems. I’m not saying it will never happen but you won’t have to over think the storage thing either.


Cedar is very stable…
…and like you, I’ve never seen one warp. However, cedar will change shape temporarily, depending upon how it’s supported. I first noticed this when drying 2x4 stock for paddles. If you support a cedar 2x4 in the middle, the ends will sag over time. If you flip it over, it will slowly straighten out, then eventually sag in the other direction. I have seen the same thing with stored one-piece cedar paddles to a lesser degree, but after a little use, they always return to their original shape.

stupid question
best way to store it is to alternatively put one end in the water and then the other while sitting in a kayak on the water.

It’s a piece of wood and barring using it as a wedge to dislodge tree stumps from your back yard or as a balance stick with two buckets of sand and cement on your shoulder for the boat house you are building (and even then it is probably ok) it should be fine. give it a light coating of tung or teak oil every once in a while and never ever think of how to store it again.

Where it ends up is fine.