Greenland paddle stroke

Any advice? I went through 3 books trying to find some references on stick paddling only to find minimal references on proper dig angle and high candence. Any good references out there? The spoon of my paddle has progressively gotten smaller due to a shoulder injury in a car accident a few years back. I use a Swift wind paddle with very good success and I am looking to try something a little different to add to my paddling repitoire. I’m trying to connect with some local instructors in the Chicagoland area.

Thanks for the assist.

There’s a lot of info on the web, but
you may want to start here:

There a very nice article on the forward stroke by Greg Stamer, and several videoclips that illustrate the points made in the article. There’s a thread in the forum at the moment on the canted stroke. Lots of good stuff.

My experience is that if you listen to it the stick will teach you to paddle.

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Size yourself up and try some bentshafts!...atomgirl. You'll never go back....


I don’t think GPs come in bentshaft.

I am just hoping he was…
…talking about paddles!



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good grief! whatever, my suggestion is to bury the blade to your hands without powering up and feel the blade as it moves through the wa wa. add a little forward cant. be gradual. for me its almost like jstroking a canoe paddle. the faster cadence will follow. if the blade is buried through the stroke it has lots of power. a 45 degree angle of paddle to water is good for me. aargh!

Have you run across “” yet? They are a group right in your area. Some of the people there could be helpful, and a lot of fun.

bentshaft GP

ive got one
in ten years i think it might be eaqually warped. its very sweet at 28 oz cedar and asymmetric

my first paddle I carved is even better!
It has more bend than that paddle in the picture! I called it my GP with a power face. :slight_smile:

Learn from the paddle
Spend some time working with a GP and it will teach you how to use it.

I have a bent shaft…
in carbon fiber I might add. Living near Lake MI and frequent paddles on Lake Superior in high winds no doubt take their toll on me. Low gears allow me to paddle and keep up with large groups (okay allow me to “hang” with the guys). Life is too short to paddle with cheap gear…

Greenland resources/books/videos

I’d recommend that you start with the technique section of the Qajaq USA (Greenland kayaking) website at . It has articles of how to use the paddle (including the canted blade stroke), video clips, and lists some video resources.

The Qajaq USA forum is very active. Don’t hesitate to post a question or search the archives.

If you are looking for a book, not much has been written yet on Greenland-technique, but I do have a short chapter on “Using Greenland Paddles” in “Eastern Arctic Kayaks” by Heath and Arima. There are additional contributions by Harvey Golden and others. More information is on the Qajaq USA site.

Greg Stamer

SHout out to NE Illinois and atomgirl

Keep an eye out on the IL Getting Togethers and hope to paddle in 2007.

Mr. Stamer, who has already replied to your thread above, has a very nice 10-15 minute segemnt on the basics of Greenland Paddle use in Nigel Foster video #5, a series that I recommend very highly. I still watch the entire series at least once per year just to remind myself of proper technique, and as sure as Orville Redenbacher was a popcorn lover, I pick up a few nuances I missed each time.

I look forward to Mr. Stamer and QajaqUSA producing the definitive DVD video series for Greenland history and technique (hint, hint)