greenland paddle vs. epic wing paddle

The ice is out and it is time to get in shape. I bought a Lake Placid Rapid fire canoe and it is time to put it in the water. am I better off with the Grennland paddle or the wing?

Paddle for RapidFire

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First, as one of the hulls builders, thanks for sticking to a double blade. Joe and I are getting weary of fanatics who want to single stick the fast little bottom.

Eric is right. A GP pretty much won't work. Wings are OK, but, one gives up draws, pushaways, stern rudder strokes and braces for a slight increase in forward efficiency.???

We recommend the AT Exception OS; why not the best rec paddle made? or the Werner Kallista, also a very fine stick. Carbon only, of course, in keeping with the bottom.

Be sure to wear a cap so your hair doesn't catch on fire. The skinny thing flies.

only in the world of canoes

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would 27.5" (24" at gunnels) be "skinny"!!

there's no way you could correctly use a wing with that kind of boat. even a kayak of over 20" is pushing it in terms of being able to plant really close to your feet and take a properly vertical stroke.

i would think that you would need at least a 220cm Euro to be able to paddle with a double blade, even on this relatively narrow canoe.