Greenland paddle weight ?

i now have several GP’S all weigh different and i do understand why. my question is what seems to be the average on the WRC (western red cedar) . is under 2 lbs. average? or is that not likely? Just tossing it out there.

My WRC GP weighs 31 oz
It’s 84" with 5 laminations. Since I have small hands the loom is narrower than most and it has no shoulders.

GP paddle weight

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The WRC Greenland paddles that I have made average 1 lb 14 oz (30 oz). Most of my paddles are around 88" long with a 21" loom. My lightest and strongest are made from solid quarter-sawn old growth WRC. Laminations add weight, but do allow you to use smaller pieces of wood.

Carbon fiber GPs can be as light as 19.1 oz (Black Light).

Greg Stamer

besides absolute weight
there is swing weight, much as for Euro or wing blades. A nicely balanced greenland paddle that weighs a few ounces more might be much more satisfying to use than a lighter paddles whose swing weight is different and not as well balanced.

I have seen ppl with shorter and wider blades, and ppl with very narrow (under 2.5 inches wide at widest) and very long blades, and everything inbetween. Weight will vary w. wood species and as mentioned w material as well. Weight as we all know is just one factor. How it’s distributed matters just as much.

that is one reason i asked this question, is to better educate myself about my GP’s . Currently have 2 AYC (Alaskan yellow cedar) one weighing slightly over 3 lbs, the other at 2.8 lbs. On long touring trips my thumbs crooks are pretty tender, was hoping my WRC will come in lighter for more comfort. I am learning more each time i ask questions though.

So thanks for sharing your knowledge.

source for info
You’ll find a lot of information on GP making over at the Greenland paddling forums on

In fact one paddle maker did a survey over there a couple of years ago asking people to report all the stats on their favorite paddles and their personal metrics.


Alaskan Yellow Cedar vs. WRC
An Alaskan yellow cedar paddle will be a little heavier and a little stronger than WRC, however, WRC won’t solve your soreness problem by itself.

Some possible solutions to the tender inside thumb crooks are: 1) very carefully sand the transition from loom to shaft (shoulder) until it feels more comfortable. 2) Try a shoulder-less GP to see how that feels when compared with the paddle that is causing the soreness. 3) paddle some more to see if thumbs just “toughen-up” with more paddling milage. 4) If you keep using a GP, learn to make your own and then with an afternoon of work and $20-$40 of wood you can make another of different dimensions until you find what feels best for you.

Bryan Nystrom sells a excellent instructional book on making a GP on his website.


qajaq.usa paddle survey
I am a friend of the man who compiled it - a very skilled paddlemaker in wood and carbon btw - and I salute his efforts to compile data.

It was however, more proof that traditional paddle metrics are highly individualistic. So many variables. I looked it over when trying to decide on my own paddle measurements and it didn’t help a bit.

You need to make some, break some, whittle some down. Try some, buy some. Put some aside. Make some more. Try a lot more. Then you can find the right one for you.

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I would say that 2 lbs. is a good
average weight for wood greenland paddles. The weight will fluctuate up or down from there depending on the weight of the wood, size of the paddle and armor added to it.