Greenland Paddle wood - Toronto

Hi all,

Looking into carving my first GP paddle - and I’m searching hard to find some good wood in the Toronto area.

I hit the big-box stores and what an adventure that is - every single piece of pine and cedar is riddled with knots. Can anyone recommend a lumber yard/store where I can get some good quality (pine/cedar/sitka spruce) knot-free wood in the GTA?



fence posts…

Did you check the cedar fence posts (4X4)? Often they are clear with good grain. Smaller pieces are often junk in the box stores.

I usually have to get a 4X4 and cut it down in size with a bandsaw or table-saw, orienting for the best grain.

If you are very lucky you might get two paddle blanks out of one post.

Greg Stamer

Cedar 4x4 for paddle blanks
I second what Greg said.

Look for the best straight grained 4x4. Then, bandsaw it into two blanks with proper vertical grain orientation. May have to visit a couple of quality lumber yards if you can’t find such a 4x4 at a box store.


You could go wider as well
It’s worth looking at 2X8s - 2X12s as well. You might be able to find a 3 1/2 X 84" section in there. I’ve cut strips & laminated for the couple of paddles that I’ve built.