Greenland paddles with wider boat

Is anybody happily using a GP on a “beamy” boat?

I have been using GPs for the last 8 years and feel really uncomfortable with euro paddles however I’m not happy using a GP on my new family boat, a CD Double Vision (28” wide).

Right now I’m using a Toksook that was collecting dust in the garage, better than a “standard” euro but not as pleasant as a GP.

Would an Aleut paddle work better with a wider boat?

Aleuts had wider boats
…and used both single blade and long loomed double blade paddles. I used to use my 84" GP with my Pungo before I sold the boat…actually got my first roll in it. Anyhoo, because the loom was pretty standard, 18-19", I had to use a sliding stroke when cruising, but it worked just fine.


Go custom and you can make a GP fit any kayak. A longer loom and over all length should do fine. I use to use one with a Tsunami 12.5 and it was pretty efficient.


We use Seda Tango with GP’s
We have Seda Tango and we use Greenland paddles with that. Works just fine.

Yup, that should do it
A longer loom will help you reach out past the wide gunwales.

Lenght of loom
I agree customization is the way to go however how comfortable on the paddler is a GP with a loom “taylored” to the width of the boat?

Using the standard grip don’t you end up with spreaded arms?

With that said I guess the best way is trying one… or two… or more

Within reason
A longer loom within reason to clarify. If the kayak is 28" wide you should not order a 28" loom. Maybe 21 to 22" would work fine. Overall length could easily be up to 92" It’s hard to say but any good paddle maker would have a reasonable suggestion.


Had 104" GP with a comfortable loom
width made for my Wen-Vag noe and love it. Easily clears the gunwales. Bremer watched me paddle a while with a 10’ closet pole marked at various loom and blade lengths to get most comfortable and effective measurements. Just thoughts. R

I would probably go a bit wider…
…since I use a 21" loom normally. I’d suggest going 24" or so.

22 inch loom
Works fine on my boats from 21.75 to 28 inches wide

Hey Mario!
learn to torso rotate…



how ya been?

Hi Paul
Nice to hear from you.

Here same old stories, waiting for the first cold front to officially open kayak camping season.

“Big” daughter looking forward to join the old boys in the Everglades, I’m really loving to paddle the double with her.


On the double vision:
Can’t help you on the paddle, but good friends from the UK got one last year, and that is one nice tandem.

Most tandems that are not skinny racing ones are like barges, but that one real impressed me.

They cruise easily at 6 MPH

Jack L


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We paddle a Boreal Design Beluga tandem with GP paddles no problem.
We use Mitchel GP paddles right off the shelf hers' might be a bit shorter than mine.
We use the same paddles regardless of which boats we are paddling. So for the tandem we might have a higher angle or more rotation, but after a while your body just seems to adapt to whatever boat you happen to be paddling on a given day.
After hitting my hands a few times on the sides or higher deck it seems to all fall together smoothly with no big problems from one boat to the next.

Speed of Double Vision
I really like the boat as family boat, it’s not heavy, I can load/offload it by myself, it’s well made, has enough cargo space for a weekend camping but:

It’s not fast, definitely slower than my Outer Island and Nordkapp. And that is with 2 male adults.

You need to synchronize paddling and that’s not always easy when the front paddler is a 7 years old.