Greenland paddling interest

Maybe I am just noticing more but there seems to be an upsurge in interest in greenland paddling and paddles. Maybe it is because it is a project that can be done in the winter months?

any, I am happy to see it as I am learning a tremendous amount.

I had the opportunity to visit with Peter Strand in Connecticut this last week and we talked extensively about building SOF’s. (I have one of his) I was most surprised when he told me to put his "storm " boat on top of my car and take it back to Florida. Apparently this boat has been around since 2003 and has been at various locations around New England at different peoples houses. The boat is great as it has no ribs whatsoever and it is definitely a rough weather boat…larger volume with deep skeg like bow and stern, it definitely goes where you point it!

Anyway, it is now in South Florida and if anyone wants to adopt it for a while e-mail me and we will arrange something. (I would like to keep it for a few weeks anyway though)

Basically, Peters thoughts are that it is a boat not too many people would build and it is unusual so he is donating it to the “community”

(the boat leans on its side when floating by itself on the water! But when you get in, your balance and ahem…spread…stabilizes the boat wonderfully and you can feel every wave under you…pretty neat really…

Anyway, write me if you are interestedf in seeing/paddling/ or borrowing the boat for a while.


Like you have to ask?
Of course I want to try it. But won’t adopt as the stable’s pretty full.

Got that tuilik on QajaqUSA forum the way from Scott so I can cheat on rolls like the rest of you too!

Very interesting kayak
I’ve paddled it on several occasions, and it is unique among the kayaks I’ve seen or paddled.

Paddling it in rough water should be an interesting experience!


great deal on that tuilik. White isn’t it? Should be interesting looking.

By the way, I drew out the offsets for the Tom Yost Baidarka…still on construction paper but maybe it will convert to plywood forms someday.

About the storm boat. Lots of volume at the ends and a pretty high coaming (This could change with some padding for a seat which I will try next) so I was getting jammed up trying to do a shotgun or one handed butterfly(?). rolls up ok with a standard greenland roll.

I want to see what a white tuilik looks like on you. maybe I’ll mistake you for a seal!


“Michelin Man” NM

welcome to the cheaters club!
Now you too can blow into your tuilik to get that extra flotation. Of course that would be cheating though wouldn’t it? Not that I would ever do that!



George English next weekend?

storm boat link
Here is a link to pics of the storm kayak and other pics of the “Meet at the beach” in Connecticut.


More on QUSA Forum
Peter brought this kayak to my home in Florida a few years ago and it was a very interesting kayak to paddle. For such a “tender” looking kayak I was surprised that you could hold a static “chest” brace by simply rotating your torso toward the side and falling forward – keeping your chest flat on the water (like doing a “bellyflop”).

The Greenland “storm” kayak type and discussion on Peter’s rendition has been discussed on the Qajaq USA forum. One thread is at . Good images of a storm kayak built in Greenland, taken by Richard Nonas, are at .

Greg Stamer

Let me know if you would like for me to bring it up sometime. I still have a one day pass to Disney for the kids and need an excuse to get up there. :slight_smile: