Greenland Paddling Videos???

I am just learning to use the Greenland paddle and would be interested in watching some more instructional videos on the subject.

I’ve got Doug Vandoren’s video, and the Dubside video. Can anyone recommend any others???



Not dedicated GP, but Foster/Stamer
In the Foster instructional series, Video #5, forward stroke, Greg Stamer comes on and does a good piece on G forward stroke.

Paul S.

And on the Rolling Nigel video…
also a segment with Mr. Stamer showing his stuff.

The THis IS The Sea videos, 1-3, have no true instruction but plenty of footage of GP paddling experts (such as G Stamer on TITS#1). In the latest TITS flick, Justine C.s boyfriend Alun paddles some voracious seas off New Zealand with a GP and a Rockpool kayak for all of it.

I wish Greg Stamer and Qajaq USA would produce a long length DVD set for all aspects of Greenland paddling, technique, geography, speed comparisons, boat profiles and comparisons (Harvey Golden has some free youtube vids of different Greenland hulls reacting to boat wakes and flatwater and stuff that is pretty cool).

Being an absolute paddling nut I’ve got those vids. Had the Nigel vids and then sold them on ebay as I did not really have any more I could gain from them. Ordered some more though b/c I always skipped over the GP stuff.

Too bad, and surprising, that there are not more vids out there on Greenland paddling! There out to be it would seem.

I have learned most of what I know about paddling technique from watching videos. I think they are a great learning tool.


Since no one has mentioned them yet …

Disclaimer: I have not seen any of these myself.


John Heath has some great
material for anyone that is interested in greenland kayaking. I would recommend all of his material for a well rounded understanding of greenland kayaking.

Check youtube for video
While perhaps not as good as the instructional videos mentioned above, there are a couple Greenland style videos on youtube. Just do a search. There are also some slow-motion rolling videos during pool sessions, etc.