Greenland - pictures

I finally translated all photo captions from last years trip to Greenland. Three of the best weeks ever! It was magical. I hope to return next summer.

Paddling in southern Greenland

Ferry ride along the southwest coast

Whale watching and iceberg sightseeing

Hiking in search of muskox

Fantastic pictures
Thank you! Certainly a place I’d love to explore one of these days.


photo’s.looked like a epic trip.Hope to get there one day.

Thanks for the photo’s,I have never seen anything like that crystal clear ice!Amazing!



magnificent scenery…
How very fortunate you are to have paddled what you did…

Greenland Expedition

Have you read or heard of this book? I just so happen to be in the middle of this book and for anyone who enjoyed your trip pics they would enjoy this great adventure with some awesome pics to go along with it. I’m not a kayaker, and will probably never make it to Greenland, but I sure did enjoy viewing your pics.


Not much different to winter paddling
Thank you for all your kind comments. I can highly recommend a trip to Greenland. If you are used to overnight kayak trips in the winter, paddling in Greenland isn’t that different. The main practical differences are that it is harder to get help if needed and that you don’t have a updated weather chart.

Charts, rentals and transport can all be arranged through the www. Finding food and fuel was no problem, although fresh bread and vegetables are luxury.

As for the pictures, I can not take credit for all of them. However no matter where you pointed your camera there was a stunning scenery. Even a non-photographer like myself ended up with too many nice pics.

Your photos are surpurb. I love the colurful houses they have up there. I’d love to visit this region some day. I keep showing other people of your travels.


Yes, the colourful houses are really cool looking. In a landscape with few and subtle colours the brightly coloured settlements really stand out and provide a nice contrast. In another setting I would probably have regarded them as simply a measure of bad taste. But in this environment they look great.