Greenland rolling with Dubside dvd

I cannot find any reviews and wondered if anyone has this dvd. I am not a roller (far from it yet) but do use a beale gp with my tempest 165 and am interested in rolling. My questions are: Is this instructional video geared to beginners or to rollers who are perfecting their roll or interested in learning other styles of rolling? Does he instruct you on this video or is is strictly visual? Would this benefit a beginner kayaker? Thanks for any input.


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I don't know anything about Dubside's DVD but I paddle a Tempest 165 and use a GP. Eric Jackson's "EJs Bracing and Rolling" did wonders for me. It's geared to the beginner. EJ uses a euro paddle but his technique of 'head back' instead of 'head down' worked very well for me.

If you were to follow the EJ method I would recommend extending the GP when doing the brace.

Good reviews for Dubside
I think I remember a good review in Sea Kayaker magazine, and there are some good comments on the Qajaq USA forum.

Many like it,. I don’t see why
Mostly it’s just Dubside showing off.

He can roll this big sit-on-top.

He can roll holding a brick.

He can roll wearing a straight jacket.


Dubside’s video helped me, but
I knew how to do the basic Greenland roll already. I think in learning to roll for the first time,one should work one-on-one with a coach or at least someone who knows how to roll. I tried and failed to learn on my own, but was rolling in less than one-half hour with a coach.

it’s not necessarily showing off…
Dubside’s making a statement by rolling those boats. People always get caught up talking about how various kayaks roll and often fall into the trap of forgetting that rolling is 90% technique and 10% equipment.

As for learning to roll a kayak, this isn’t the best video for learning your first roll but if you have a solid roll and want to learn some of the other Greenland rolls, he gives some pretty good tips for people.

this isn’t the best video for learning y

I agree with mint and schizo and the last poster. Get a different video or forget the instruction altogether on vid asnd get a live lesson from someone in the know.

Love Dubside. But his video, unless you;re planning to try the Greenland Championship yourself, is a yawner.

video is quite good, but perhaps more for introducing advanced rolls than for teaching the first roll. IME, the best video for teaching the standard Greenland layback roll is the one by Jay Babina: EJ’s roll is good, but supplemental, ditto Dubside. If you want a place to start, go with Jay and get some instruction. Have fun, you’ll love it.

Thanks all!
From the clips i’ve seen, i agree with you that this video at this time, isnt the right one for me. I will continue my quest for a “live” teacher.

I am not very computer savy but what is that cabowaboradio thing - i just get music?

Cabo Wabo
That is for music, original postyer. See the “renctly played” buttopn on the simple player and you get a feel for the always rockin’ but completely ecel;ectic natureof Sammy’s Cabo Wabo Radio, from the Cabo Wabo Cantina in lovely Mexico.

Yea, Jay Babina knows where it’s at for rolling. Get his video. Very important link for that rarely viewed video with all the right ideas. Please order it and you will have your answer, Kimosabe.

why are you far from rolling your kayak?
No one is far from being able to roll a kayak.

I only get half way!
I dont have the rolling technique and i am still pefecting the wet exit and reentry ! I am pretty comfortable with that but i have got no further.

Have to disagree
with most of the above. Don’t know about J. Babina, but have been to rolling classes that had me watch rolling vids. Not much help. The CtoC or modified sweep techniques take a certain amount of coordination and timing to succeed. I think Dubside’s approach to rolling is inspirational. I also think a layback roll is the easiest to learn, (it was for me)as there is no timing required. Of course I’m spoiled as I use a GP exclusively and learned (and have taught several others who have failed at conventional roll classes)to roll with one.


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floating on the water. then put a boat on , and float, hold the boat with your legs so that it doeesn't fall over on you. Then do a small salsa hip and glide/float onto the back deck. support your effort slightly with your paddle.

Good luck

Best Wishes

This is practice for the end of a back deck finishing roll......most all rolls that fail, fail at the end not at the beginning or in the middle. Practice the ending, then you can figure out what works to get to that ending position.

like Okole says below you can use a paddle float or an avatag instead of a paddle to perfect the ending of the roll. it's really all in the salsa hip movement of the lower water leg/'s just dancing in a boat. piece of cake

An exelent learning tool
is an inflated paddle float on your right arm (assuming rt handed) as above lay back on the water, arm out streatched, back arched, head back, (water up to forehead) then rotate so body glides over back deck. Try it, you’ll find that the boat has rotated under you.