Greenland style paddles

Does anyone have the address of Greenland style paddle maker Don Beale.

Thanks in advance.


His Frequented Sites


Flatpick also carries Don Beale’s paddles at his shop.


Or you could…
contact Mr. Airwave on this board - Great paddle, top quality, light weight (western red cedar) and custom sized to your bod!

I own two, and have to say that they are beautiful to behold and pure pleasure to use.

Full disclosure - I do have a financial interest as I am making him buy me a lunch for every referal I send his way!!!

Good One!
I didn’t realize that Don Beale comes in here. :slight_smile:


true craftsman
Don builds fantastic paddles! I tried a few of his various designs, then asked him for a custom one. Came out great, now I want another.


ph # 503-324-3043