Greenland Style S & G

Well, the builder of my S&G, Hank Andosek, just finished his lastest version of the Murre. 17.5’x20". A little more rocker and a lower aft deck (6.5") on this version. She’s beaut! I just want to share the photo’s. I am looking forward to seeing it personally.


Looks sweet!
It’s sort of a cross between a Valkyrie/Aral and an Anas Acuta. I especially like the Greenland-style three panel foredeck. Where can one paddle this puppy?

He’s Up At Casco Bay
Hopefully, at least, I’ll get a chance at paddling the Murre2 sometime this season.


Casco Bay’s a big area
Can you be a bit more specific?

Yes It Is…
But I have his email. He is in the Portland area. When I went to test paddle my Murre, we met at the Promenade, paddled across to the island with the fort and were going to go on to Peak Island. The projected 25 knots winds kicked up, we turned around and headed back in interesting conditions, with beam waves wind. :slight_smile: I went over once since I wasn’t used to boat, nor was it outfitted to me. I think Hank probably had a “moment” there, until I rolled back up and we went our merry way.

Hank is actually pretty much a “Greenland style” paddler. We played with some throwing stick rolls. He had his harpoon and was throwing at targets, etc. (I couldn’t toss the thing for life of me, plus I thought I was going over everytime I tried.) He doesn’t get on the bulletin boards. Not sure I blame him… :wink: Besides, I’ve been waiting for him to finish this boat. It’s been almost a year.


“Kayak Porn” says my spouse!
My wife walked past my office just as I was clicking on the link to see this boat. When she heard me go “Omigod that’s gorgeous” she came right back to see what I was looking at! She got one look at that kayak and said “Kayaks and women are both expensive hobbies – but I think you picked the right one! Now stop looking at the kayak porn.” I think she meant kayaks!!!

Sing – thanks for the posting!!