Greenland Technique DVDs?

I know there are a few VHS videos out there created by John Heath, and I’m thinking of ordering one, out of respect for a man that has done so much for the renaissance and documentation of the tradition more than anything else. Are there well produced instructional DVDs out there specific to Greenland technique though? This is what I’m really looking for. Thanks in advance for any info.


On reading your post, I googled “Greg Stamer video” and found nothing on the market by him. Greg’s paddling style as seen in Justine Curgenven’s “This is the Sea” is a pleasure to behold. He makes it look sooo easy. If you can find anything by him in print or online, grab it!

I Googled it too…no avail.
I found a few references to euro format videos, but nothing on DVD, and Heath’s only on VHS, which is more documentary. I seem to recall reading something on video regarding VanDoren’s non-traditional technique also, but I don’t wish to pursue it at this time. Seems to me that with the interest in native qajaq & baidarka growing, someone (or some group) could really clean up.

I see you live in Michigan…
Do you use the GP now? There are some Greenland style paddlers in the area that have taken lessons from Greg. Some of them I’m sure would be happy to paddle with you. There is also the Greenland training camp in TC. David Braun is the contact for that, he paddles with the Cherry Capitol paddlers (or something like that). Greg is usually at the Sweetwater symposium in February (Tampa area). Also, Mark Molina paddles roughly using the same style and has competed in the Greenland championships, I don’t know if he has produced a video or not…


Heath tapes
are good. I have “Rolling with Maligiaq” and will eventually pick up “Amphibious Man” and maybe a couple others. Instructional or documentary are of equal value. You may actually see more paddling in the documentary films.

I assume you have checked out all the video clips on QajaqUSA site? Short, but good.

The best way to learn GP is to paddle with one! There is no set technique - no great mystery. Some general guidelines maybe - but the paddle itself is a very good teacher. A very efficient tool with a lot of variety. If sized properly - you’re good to go. Most of the technique discussion online are much more helpful after you have logged a bunch of miles. Better to use that stuff to supplement what you’re doing than it is to try to “understand” it mentally.

I think I may have created another convert. Guy behind me in a race today (barely - passed near end) wanted to try mine after. Love at first sight it seems. I get a lot of comments on it at any gathering (not too many racing with GPs - I was only one today). The carbon is a real eye catcher. Think I’ve helped sell as many of those for Mark as I have kayaks for Phil at QCC!

Greenland technique DVDs
Thanks for the kind words.

Nigel Foster invited me to teach a brief overview of Greenland techniques for his “Nigel Foster Sea Kayaking Series”. Volume 5 (Forward Paddling) contains a lecture on the canted forward stroke method with a Greenland paddle. Volume 6 (Rolling and Bracing) contains a brief lecture and short demo on “Greenland Rolls and Bracing”. Also included is discussion of safe, rapid and effective paddle extension with a Greenland paddle.

In all honesty I haven’t watched the completed DVD and don’t know how much footage made it to the final cut. FWIW, I don’t receive royalties from the video - I was happy to do it at Nigel’s request.

For a complete current list of Greenland paddling technique resources please see

My favorite videos for Greenland rolling are Heath’s “Rolling with Maligiaq” and “Greenlanders at Kodiak”. For footage of Greenlanders paddling, “Qajaq Klubben” is hard to beat, although it is narrated in Greenlandic.

The Qajaq USA board will be considering forming an instructional committee next year. We are not interested in becoming a certifying organization. However one goal is to make Greenland technique and teaching information freely available on the web (and possibly video), including common Greenland technique progressions, teaching methods, some suggested technique guidelines, online video clips of common techniques, etc. Folks such as Cheri Perry and the Walden “Pond Scum” have indicated interest.

IMO, Greenland kayaking demands a thoughtful and non-dogmatic approach to instruction. You can copy someone else and be very good, but to be your best you need to fully develop your unique personal variations – within the framework of some general fundamentals.

Greg Stamer

Been using my GP since June.
And, thanks for the info on other paddlers in the area. Seems we’re few, but growing. Lately, I’ve been reviewing Chuck Holst’s plans to make a second one (my first was made by Eric Renshaw out of Bay City). Yes, I’d like to go to one of the redezvous held here in Michigan. I was actually up in Interlochen this summer when the WMCKA had theirs not a half hour away, and I’m kicking myself now for not making the time for it. Well, there’s always next summer, right? In the mean time, I plan to make some time at open pool sessions and try to absorb as much as I can in reference material this winter.

Greyak, yes I have reviewed the clips on qajaqusa, Cheri Perry’s, the Walden Qajaq Society’s and pjunold’s sites. I love reviewing them just for kicks and catching nuances I missed every time. As I mentioned in another post, I purchased “This is the Sea” recently and love it. The vids with Greg and Malligiaq are great…but short :frowning: I would love to have another DVD that I can pop in, do slow-mo’s on, etc. Thanks again.

Speak of the devil!
We must have been typing at the same time. Thanks for the added info. Found the video series by Nigel Foster: Huh, notice who’s at the top of the sponsors list? cool. Maybe Santa can drop #5&6 in my stocking this year. :wink:

I think making the info
freely available on the web would be great.

Sort of like open source software but with kayaking!

The problem I’m sure for qajaqusa is the politics on who becomes part of the instructional committee. I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with.

I have all the Foster
tapes and your segments are very good and educational.

I started playing with a GP just a few months ago and your demos were most helpful in getting started.

Now I have two homemade GP’s and I’m going to build a third. The first two taught me a lot about dimensions and such so the next paddle will feature a carbon fiber ferrule and nice laminated wood.

I’ll never hang up my American paddles as they are so much more effective in strong river currents and river manuevers, but the GP is hard to beat for the long haul on the big lakes. Once you get the feel of the paddle it seems you can go forever.

I still use the American stlye paddles in the winter waters as my rescue skills with a GP are not up to snuff yet.

While in Yellowstone last summer, I had many comments from spectators about the funny paddle (GP), as well as the canoe paddle on my deck that I carry as a spare. My equipment apparently did not fit their image of normal kayaking!

Pleasant waters to ya.


in the area

I attended the greenland training camp in frankfurt that David referred to and highly recommend it. I learned a lot and had great fun. I’ve been using a (borrowed) gp since the symposium in grand marais in july and just received my own gp from Don Beal. Would love to get out and paddle any time.


just wanted to vouch for Greg. I’ve taken 4 classes under his direction (greenland paddling/rolling) and he is a wonderful gentle man who is the quiet humble mast of his sport…it is worth every effort if you are into Greenland style to make to the Symposia in Tampa (tierra verda) in February…

Symposia in Tampa?
Details please - and please tell me it’s not the B&B weekend (5&6)

Sweetwater Kayaks
symposium is Feb 25/26/27